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Smartest thing the computer has ever done?

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  • Smartest thing the computer has ever done?

    We all know that the AI is retarded and dosen't understand the "running a nation" part of running a nation but there have been some flukes were it has done somthing that looks intelligent...

    I was being all happy and was currently romping freely around rome (i was french on earth) and just crushing them slowly, eventualy they lost hold of sicily and Italy was mine. They lived on in the area around jurusalem, with only a few weak cities...
    As swords turned into muskets and then into rifles I fought with the U.S.A. and the war seemed to last forever. Finally around 1600~ they gave up there city in the carribean (actualy, it was destroyed, then rebuilt, then destroyed and then I settled that area in a pompous way ) so in the end the people on that island that i fought for had about 50 armed guards EACH and my economy had kinda rolled over and died after the war.
    Then, as if planed, the Romans landed and captured all of Spain and Italy from my befudled troops. I ended up loosing that game becouse of the romans who ruined me in a last attempt at revenge, no one got to AC, and becouse of the Romans I fell SECOND in end game score. With the high pop, fundemental japenese beating me by about 100 points . Howwever the challenge I got from that game made it much more fun than just winning.

    by the way if anyone was wondering this game was on prince level witch I win 95% of the time, this time the Americans weakend me with a war were sinking a transport kills around 8 units and cruise missles blast those BB's to shreds

    anyone else have experience with a resonably intelligent AI?
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    On another thread we noted that the AI sometimes seemingly launches intelligent invasions at times where several transports with good unit mixes will all hit at once. If the nations farthest from you at the start include one military and one perfectionist, it can seem as if they are ganging up on you. One is forcing you to build units while the other is building up a science lead, then giving it away to the other AIs. But no, for the most part, the AI's principal challenge to the human player is the number of cities they build, and how rapidly they spread.
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      Sorry, I really can't remember the last time the ai actually did something smart. Maybe it was when 5 other civs around me with land connections ganged up on me in the modern age. I really should have eliminated them earlier, but I was too lazy. Needless to say, I got trampled when one of the more advanced nations broke the peace treaty and nuked me to death (I was in the process of building SDIs). That was the end. But that was a real long time ago, on King, when I was still learning to play.


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        I don't know about "smartest" but a thing they do well is use the zones of control to restrict your movement when your units are near theirs. Guess that's easy to program.