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  • Compatibility

    Ok, for a short summary, I love civ2, bought it for $50 in '97. For whatever reason I haven't looked into any of the scenario/expansion packs, and in this day of fancy scenarios, mods, etc. I'm left out of much of the fun. But that's going to change...=)

    I looked for reviews on this site's listing for those products, I noted original civ says "95/98/ME". I'm running ME...

    ...while Conflicts in civ and fantastic worlds say "95/98/NT". Now I know most programs are backwards compatible, but I just want to make sure; will those two run on ME?

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    Well, they work on my computer and I have Windows Me
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      u should have no problems..... u paid 50 bucks?!?! i paid 30 for MGE when it first came out.....
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        Thank you


        Well, it depends on when and where you get it...if the developer is still trying to break even that = higher price. But if it hasn't been that long or the original copy purchased hasn't been eliminated, there's a reasonable chance most stores will ignore this and just try to sell it at the original price anyway.

        To demonstrate this: I found MGE for $5.50. I originally looked for the individual programs...but they're too hard to find now. So..thanks for your help.