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  • This is really really sad

    im playing a game (prince, raging, bloodlust) in witch I saw a mongol warrior (!) wander by my cavalry, now before you say that it becouse im on prince, it cant be becouse the spanish are right on my heels and the english are equal with me. so does someone want to explain why the mongols best unit is a horseman ? is it becouse they are the mongols, becouse they started on england (europe map, random civ placement). im just curios becouse as of now i can detach 1-2 cavalry units and wipe out all there cities on the mainland.

    and i have a AI cheat that i think is pretty bad, they get FREE irrigation, infact i have a save were they have irigation ON TOP OF A HUT!! just curios if anyone new of this.
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    Yes we knew that.You can use the cheat menu/reveal map to see it happen.

    Something else I discovered(news to me anyways) last night in a MP game:
    I started a wonder in a city.
    Lost connection....oh no..please tell me you had saved or auto save on?
    nope.Saved just after we lost you

    Oh no.Probably abandoned my wonder and sent units all over.

    So the save we had to use,had the ai in control of my civ for 1 turn.

    The usual units going here and there and changed build orders here and there but my wonder was still under construction. the city had a temple I did not build it and the wonder was still in build mode.
    So,the ai gets improvements from thin air also.At least temples.I suspect barracks as well.Perhaps only capitols?
    The game was emperor level.I also suspect that is the level this "bonus" kicks in at.Might be king level though.
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      You can indeed try a higher level. But most of the times there will be that one puny civ. May be it was a civ that came only into existance after another one was wiped out? Still, i've seen civs that we're there from the beginning but never founded a second city


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        The AI doesn't do well when starting on small land masses. Until they get triremes, they don't meet the other AIs to trade techs, and fall far behind. The Mongols in your game are ignorant sods, crush them.

        The free irrigation is well documented. It needn't even be adjacent to water. My favorites are when a civ restarts next to a mountain. No water for many squares, but all 8 surrounding squares, including the mountain, are irrigated.

        There have been numerous anecdotes about the AI receiving free improvements based on a city's size. I don't recall if anybody found out in what conditions this occurs. Can anybody else fill us in?
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          I think the ai also gets free units.Well,maybe they are charged the sheilds,but they can appear anywhere.Similiar to barbs.I haven't watched it long enough in cheat but I have traded maps and seen there is no way that an ai trireme sailed across to my location for example.The map is still dark.I've seen that lots of times.
          The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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            I think the ai also gets free units.
            I wondered a few games back if the AI had done a Leonardo (which I had).

            A caravel showed then vanished stage left. When my ironclad went looking for it I found a galleon. Seemed odd at the time, should have used the cheat view.


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              crazy crazy AI.....

              hey smash, i wonder if someone could develop a system for that to get free improvements?
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