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Why did you buy civ2?

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  • Why did you buy civ2?

    Bit of a throwback...

    I got my copy four (?) years ago. I wasn't much into computer games at the time, so when my friend booted it up I was less than excited. But after a few minutes, wow, this one was a keeper. I didn't care that I lost badly on the second easiest difficulty, it made the game that much more challanging in the future. Later that day, or maybe the next, I bought the thing and played for hours on end.

    So, why'd you pick up a copy?

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    I was a fan of CIV and got it as soon as i could.
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      I was not impressed with the demo after about 30 minutes of "WTF is happening here?" I junked it.

      Then I saw this magazine ad or it.Best this and best that.Game of the this and that.A bunch of awards.I thought maybe I missed something.

      I did

      1st game started at approx 7pm.Played until 11am the next day...straight.I was hooked.I remember thinkin:"this would be a pretty good MP game"

      then MGE arrived......
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        I had played Civilization for tons of hours... In fact, I didn't buy Civ2 first time I saw it on the stores, I kept playing Civ1 for some time until I decided I needed the new one... I'm a conservative when it comes to computer games, I guess...
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          I'm not sure. What I remember is that I bought Civ II instead of some business sim called "Free Enterprise". As unthinkable as it seems now, I seriously considered not buying Civ II...
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            I gto Civ2 from my parents as a reward to behaving well in Hospital when I got my apendix removed (I think I got a good deal )
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              I had heard of the popularity of Civ2, and seen the 2.42 version in stores, but just wasn't tempted to take the plunge. Then one day I saw Test of Time for $10 and decided to give it a try. I was totally intrigued by the concept, and soon added MGE just in case I was missing something. I've now been playing it for about 5 months, but I'm still struggling to decide if I'm really hooked or just want to be. Strangely, I can't seem to get away...


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                Civ 1 was one of my favourite games back in those days and I just couldn't wait for Civ 2 to come out. And when it did I bought it.


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                  I bought my first computer in August of 1996, and along with it I bought MS Word at a price of ~ $60. The same day I found out that I could install a copy of WordPerfect from work free of charge, so I went back and traded in the unopened MS Word package for two games; Civilization II and some WWII-game I've never played more than once or twice.

                  I chose CivII because I'd recently read a review of the game in the paper, and everyone was talking about it at the time.

                  I honestly believe this to be one of three best purchases of any kind I've ever made.


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                    I had bought civ1 because I had heard from magazines that the sequel was supposed to be one of the greatest games of all time.

                    But I didn't have the money for civ2, and probably couldn't run it on my 386/16 anyway

                    Civ1 had me hooked pretty bad. so a year later I came into 10$ in birthday money, and while wondering what to do with it, I came across civ2 in Kmart for 12$.
                    I agonized over it for 5 days, checking the sys requirements, going home. looking at my computer, playing a few rounds of civ, going back to the store and looking at the box....

                    Finally I scraped a bit more money together and bought it. installed it on my 486/25. It ran really slow, and for a while I preferred the original. didn't get so confused on the map, for example. missed the settler cheat.

                    but I kept coming back. for more and more and more....
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                      Civ was my favorite game on SNES... So I bought a computer just to play CivII It was a VERY GOOD decision...
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                        I bought Civ1 shortly after it was released, after reading a rave review from Jerry Pournelle in Byte magazine. His tastes in games were similar to mine; I had already bought Railroad Tycoon and later bought Master of Orion and XCom:UFO Defense on his recommendation.

                        I heard about Civ 2 when it came out, and everything I read made it sound like a better game than Civ1, but I didn't think I could make run on my computer. Specifically, the lack of a local CD-ROM drive and sound card worried me. Finally, after I installed a CD-ROM on my home machine, I got Civ2 for Father's Day in 1997. I soon found out that I could load the game over the network at work and could have been playing at lunchtime since the game's release. I've made up for lost time since then .

                        MGE was a similar story: I was running DOS/Windows 3.1 at home and work and couldn't run MGE. I upgraded both machines in 1999 and was finally able to MP in the new millenium.


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                          I was introduced to Civ I by a friend of mine. Back then, in the early nineties, I still believed that Sonic the Hedgehog was the ultimate computer game. Man, were my eyes opened...
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                            I was probably one of the first people to play the original Civ (I got it in Beta test stage) and fell in love with it. I heard about Civ II but didn't have a computer capable of running it for a while. When I finally upgraded, I first borrowed it from a friend (for about a year) and then rushed out and bought it when he asked for it back. It was, in my opinion, a massive step forward from Civ. I have subsequently bought ToT, CtP and SMAC but I was thoroughly unimpressed with the first two (especially CtP) and quickly got bored of SMAC. I'm not much into fantasy, so things like dragon worlds and futuristic military units don't appeal to me much.
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                              I got a new computer in 1996 and at the time you could also rent software at our local library. Civ2 was one of the few available games, and it had the advantage that it could be played without the CD, so I could continue to play it after I had to return it.

                              Then I had to reformat my HD, but didn't remember to back up Civ2. Since I enjoyed the game very much, I decided to buy it and today I still play Civ2.