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    Just an FYI,

    The latest issue of PC Gamer has Civ II listed as #2 on its list of the top 50 games of all time. Article includes a couple of comments from Brian Reynolds. Half-life is #1 and X-Com: UFO Defense is #3. The article also states that Civ III is in production.
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    Everybody has their own top 50 but where's civ 1 on that list?
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      Yeah, I think civ1 should be ranked higher than civII, just because it was all new. And HL #1? I like that game very much but #1 of all times?


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        What is Half-Life?

        Obviously...this list is flawed.
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          Civ I should be listed as the best game, I still plays it.
          I think it is better then Civ II in some ways

          I don't know how many of my disks that contain Civ I savegame slots.

          That list is made by someone that doesn’t know the true meaning of Civ.
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            X-Com UFO Defense???? Isn't that like the first part of the game. Second one was much better and it doesn't deserve to be ranked higher than #15 (same goes for Half-life).


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              Ah yes, Civ2 made #2 a couple of years ago, too. AC made #4, I think.

              I should be able to get that issue soon, and vote for the readers top 50.

              last time, civ2 made #5 and civ1 made #11.

              PC gamer will allow a new game to preempt an old one if they feel it's a worthy update. that's why Railroad tycoon 2 displaced 1 on the list.
              They'll sometimes list 1 and 2 as the same entry, but I guess civ doesn't make it...

              wonder if this will become a news item
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                What's "best"?

                For extraordinary experience of gameplay, I would nominate DOOM as the best. Anyone remember their first meeting with an imp or cyberdemon? And still playable, still having a thriving community, larger than Civ2's after all these years. The game is still being modded, cloned, loved and raped. ID is releasing another version of the game soon. It will, AFAIK, not contain anything new except a shiny box, but will still be sold more than most new games. Sure, Wolfenstein came before it, and the Quakes are maybe technical better games, but DOOM had some unexplainable quality no other game has shown me. It is outstanding. End discussion.

                Civ 1 is the game that defined strategy for computer games. Here, too, there were games before (Hamurabi, anyone?) and better games later (Civ2), but Civ 1 is THE God game. Civ2 is better, no doubt. I never play Civ 1 anymore. As a game, Civ never reaches up to DOOM, but as an inspiration for game designers, it is unparallelled.

                The two old games I still regularly play on are MOO(1) and UFO/XCOM(1). Those are still perfect for me.



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                  I don't know... I think that list is pretty much right.....
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                    Civ should be highter, it was a new concept.. Civ II was more of a rehash... acutally civ ii was only marginally better and I

                    Half-Life #1 :bugeyes: :thumbdown:

                    Civ I should be #1
                    Civ II should be #2
                    Colonization should be #3

                    Final Verdict

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                      I finally got the mag. the sidebar says to go to to comment (and supposedly, to vote for your own picks) but at the site, I found no place to comment, and they have last issue up as the current. what's going on?
                      Any man can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a BEAST

                      I was just about to point out that Horsie is simply making excuses in advance for why he will suck at Civ III...
                      ...but Father Beast beat me to it! - Randomturn


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                        I was scared that they excluded Civ entirely as I flipped the pages.... It was down to the last five and..... that was scary.....
                        *grumbles about work*