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  • Civ 2 Multiplayer

    Is there any way to run the original Civ 2 sith the 2.42 patch so you can play multiplayer?

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    The 2.42 patch IS for Civ II classic. This game has no multiplayer abilitiy.

    Multiplayer civ II (or Gold Edition) offers multiplayer and the latest patch for it is patch 1.3 (if I remember correctly)


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      There are some utilities that allows a multiplayer:
      Civ2hack (
      and (I don't remember url, two french people made it)

      Both are freeware.

      I have no experience with them.
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        And the above aren't compatible with MGE
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          Civ 2 MGE Patch

          Well I thought this would have made it through to this board by now, ahhh well. Anyway I have created files to upgrade Civ 2 2.42 and downgrade ToT 1.1 to MGE 5.4.0f (w/ JB's No Limits patch.) The link to my site should be in my signature.
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