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There's hope for the AI :P

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  • There's hope for the AI :P

    Me-Russians, Aztec-AI

    1883 Aztec city of Tlatelolco revolts Russian influence suspected.

    1884 Aztec government falls and forms democracy

    *you see Russian Czar wishing he had made more spies last turn and bribed all the cities *

    On second thought it was probably just complete and pure luck

    Anyone else got any stories of the AI actually doing something smart

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    Actually, that is one area where the AI seems to pay attention. Whenever you bribe a city or unit, if Democracy is available to them, they usually revolt quickly, and drop into Democracy. I like to bribe a bunch of cities on the same turn to avoid that problem. Or maybe it is just luck, but I do notice that they do this a lot.
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      In my current game, the vikings had a main part of their cities connected by rail, and a few others in the middle of the forest (Coast, though)

      As soon as i took one of their cities in the rail-linked area, they changed to Democracy. (I couldn't bribe one of their cities on the excuse of Democracy on my(Russian) turn. But they formed a Democracy on their turn aftr mine )

      Now, and with the help of the useless spies sabotaging walls (heavy spy losses, but the hell!) and attacking with Armor and artillery, later howies, i managed to take all that rail-linked area, and then they revolted, when the rest of their cities are isolated by forest...
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        Originally posted by Chris1111 on 04-23-2001 06:10 PM

        Anyone else got any stories of the AI actually doing something smart

        Here's something to read about while eating a dohnut (em or something)


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          Whenever the AI revolts, you can go to the Foreign Advisor screen and see what government they are going to change to by looking at the title of their leader. If its Prime Minister or some such like, time to recall all those spies for a turn or two.

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            actually I don't use bribing very much, neither for units, nor for cities... one of the reasosn is the lack of gold I face in many games...

            have you also noticed the AI enemies are not as fond of Fundamentalism anymore as they used to be formerly? must be the patches... or I'm missing something else, maybe it's in the difficulty level... who knows...


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              They seem to be programmed to prefer representational gov.t but IME go fundy when you are whipping their ass militarily. If they are also hard up at that stage this can be a great time to take out a capital and bribe in the rest. But, as Ecthelion points out, you need some cash for that.