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[civ II] Keyboard shortcuts

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  • [civ II] Keyboard shortcuts


    I am trying to play CIV II only with keyboard, but I don't know all the keyboard shortcuts and there's also an occasion when you can't use the keyboard:

    When a window pops up telling me that city X has built an aquaduct (or whatever), I can zoom to the city.

    But when I want to (C)hange production, I cannot use the "C"-button on my keyboard, because in the background, the game is still in "moving units"-mode.
    A window pops up telling me that I'll have to close the city-window first.

    On the other hand, when I'm in "viewing pieces"-mode, and I "enter" on a square with a city, I CAN use the keyboard:

    "c" for changing production
    "b" for rush buy...

    Who knows how I can still use the keyboard, even when I use the "zoom to city"-feature (or: How can I make the city-window become active?)?

    And who knows shortcut keys for:

    selling items, change resources in resource window of a city window, change "Elvis" into Tax or Science, and so on....

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I think you can't change the citizen's jobs just withg the keyboard... same about selling items... it was possible in CIV, but nothing like that in CIV2 I suppose... I might be wrong here though...