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This 0 co-ordinate bug

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  • This 0 co-ordinate bug

    You know, when you move something several places crossing one particular vertical line and it careers all over.

    I've seen passing reference to some info from Ming, but can't find it.

    Can somebody tell me which Civ versions it affects? I've just patched Civ2 & it's still there

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    The goto command, even with the patches has a few problems when you try to move a unit across the 0 axis.

    Even though it might be quicker the stupid machine doesn't recoginize a route that crosses it... it will move in the other direction. There is a discussion on a similar topic here...
    included is a link to the original thread on the "the correct route"

    In some cases, the AI gets really confused when comfronted with multiple ways to go... and will just keep going back and forth until you finally get one of those "continue moving unit" questions

    These problems exist is some form in all versions of Civ, including the patches.
    (Maybe Freeciv has solved it )

    I couldn't find any of the older threads specifically on this subject... sorry.

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      Obviously,they knew the go to would never work correctly or they wouldn't have included that "do you want to continue moving unit" pop up.
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