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  • Dogfights

    I was wondering if there is a way to increase the defence against air strikes in a square other than the city square.

    Apart from modifying terrain and building fortress( does this really count against air attacks?) is there some other way?

    (I have these hostile funtamentalist vikings next to my greek democracy and they constanlty raid my frontiers with bombers. I usually «trade» one mech. Infantry for a viking bomber: they destroy my mech. inf. I shoot down their bomber and so on. It's getting really tedious and I am thinking about world domination just to escape it

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    Some well placed nukes and paratroopers could end it

    Maybe you could use the bomber stack.End a bomber's turn over a mech on nice mountain.Rotate 2 or more bombers every turn.You could even add a fighter to the stack by using the end turn keyboard shortcut.Then the losses will only be AI.

    You can build a protective wall of airbases.
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      End turn keyboard command? Is that a cheat?
      How do the airbases around the city work? You park some fighters and bombers there?

      Thanks Smash!

      (I am building 10 nukes just in case...)


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        end turn shortcut is command+N.This shortcut is only in MGE edition.2.42 has no such command.With this, fighters and missiles don't have to "land".Just leave 1 move point.Works keeping triremes afloat early also.Just move 2.Its a cheat,but against the cheating ai who cares?

        Airbases-hostile air units will not occupy your airbases as they are "landed" which leaves them extremely vulnerable.If you,for example,surround a city with airbases,the bombers can't get thru.They will "hover" around waiting to be picked off by fighters from nearby cities.A "poor mans SDI"

        bomber stack-if you end a bomber's turn directly over a ground unit,that "stack" can only be attacked by an enemy fighter.Fighters just don't seem to have any punch on attack.If you add a fighter to the stack,it is pretty much invulnerable.Some say this a cheat but since the ai will use it so will I.

        Remember that planes in airbases are on the ground and are vulnerable.The "bomber stack" on airbases doesn't work for this reason.
        The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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          Thank you so much

          I'll try it tommorow (today I got to work grrgrgrgrgr -so what am I doing in the Apolyton forums???

          The airbase thing is a savior, now there will not have be no world conquset (which I find a little bit tedious)

          I'll not use the fighter cheat though, no «cheats» - never cheating, I shalt not succumb to cheating, never NEVER. I'll NEVER- God Save the Queen - In God we Trust - Deutschland Uber Alles - Fatherland, Religion, Family -I shalt never abandon the flag of my country - Greece is eternal.

          I am terminally ill


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            Originally posted by Smash on 01-14-2001 05:49 PM
            A "poor mans SDI"

            does not work against humans.

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