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    i tried another asault with 20 spies, 10 tanks, a couple howies, and whatever other units i could spare. i then procede to bribe, sabatoage, attack and all that good stuff. took 5 cities by 4010. then he turns around and unloads every last nuke he had (at least, i hope that's all the nukes he had. i don't have any ) another global warming. of course, there are no sdis in sight. he then takes all the cities. i try to retrat to my transports, but he destroys them with battle ships before my navy can get there. now i've got three tanks. a spy, a rifleman,2 fantics, and a musketeer.(i bribed him from a barb group i found along the way). and he's hell bent on crushing them all. i manage to bribe a tank. . only 1 tank an the riflemen made it to my transport when it arrived, and the riflemen were down about 2 hit points or so. (the tank was still in the green, though that's because of pure luck alone). to ensure he wouldn't try to follow my units to my "seaport" city , i left behind most of my navy (and if there's one thing i have his ass beat bad in, it's naval power, though i'm not the greatest at naval based strategies). again i tied an assault, first i useda stealth bomber/fighter, battleship, and sub assault to clear the waters and weaken his land defenses. then i moved in a 10 spy, 30 tank, 15 howie, and 10 alpine troops land assault. as of now, i have failed to capture any cities, nor do i know if i have made a considerable dent in his defenses, but my intial assault (plus the fact that i kept around a sizeable naval force) should keep him from launching a counter invasion while i'm trying to make this latest campaign a sucsess. keep posting here, i need all the help i can get. oh, yeah, in case your wondering:

    naval supremecy:me
    land suprmecy: i'd have to say that's pretty even
    air supremecy: can't say, he really hasn't used an air force, but i know he can build one. but all indicators would say me....but that's just from what i've seen. and he has a tendency to hold back until he thinks he's going to lose (case in point, the nukes)
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      My guess is that specials will, after 12 rounds of global warming, represent a disproportionate large part of total available resources. Maybe you both built on specials originally but I'm guessing not.

      So do so now.

      Target the specials squares in his territory one at a time. Pre-work an engineer and then infiltrate it onto the special square and make a fortress. Move your mobile infantry units in. He attacks with his howies, stealth bombers, whatever. You go through the attrition thing. Be ready so that if, at the end of the battle, you have kept the special square you can found on top of it, disbanding a small unit and incrementally rush building SDI, then the same for SAM/aegis cruiser. OK, once his production allows, he's going to come at you, there or elsewhere, with his nukes and heavyweight attackers again - but that will just be a continuation of the stalemate battles you've been having. The difference will be that, if you hang on to the special square, you will be getting that production and he'll lose it. Sounds like you currently have a tiny production edge. Aim must be to increase that edge. Process should then be progressive.

      That way the last soldier alive on the dying planet will be yours not his. And you will have - what is the word for it - oh, I remember, won!?

      Sounds like you guys would have fitted in just dandy with the Brit or German high command at Paeschendale or the Somme.

      (By the way, I'm not a MP player, nor a warmonger so I give no warrantee. But I'll be surprised if control of the raw materials for production is not the key.)


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        You might also try using your spies to encite civil unrest. That way he has to divide his attention between building a military and calming down his people.

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          I know this is hard to do but if you can somehow manage try to open up two or three new frontlines somewhere where he would not likely by expecting it. This way you may be able to capture only some secondary cities but might be able to hold on to them to deliver another blow to weak points in his defence.
          In any case try to create the illusion that you are going to stage attacks where you won't and do attack where you normally wouldn't. Break all rules of common sense and pick targets that seem unimportant now but can be permanently defended and used as staging points for further attacks and/or to disrupt his troop movement. The fewer cities the smaller his ability to respond to losses.

          Try to find out if he has cities without SDI with spies and then nuke these until they are size one and subsequently destroy them with a unit taking them.

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            Try and build up. Save it for one attack. You didn't say but I'm guessing your main continent is railroaded, if not do so. Build up your military, howies, armor, spies and the such, then railroad them to one city that has SDI. Keep doing that untill you have a large army. Make sure your "seaport" city has SDI to build up your navy. Then have your transports stacked together full of units. Have a naval formation something like this or a squarish shape since this doesn't like my formatting.

            a dd a
            a dddd a
            a ddtdd a
            a dddd a
            a dd a
            Where a= AEGIS Cruiser
            d=destroyer or any other cheap navy unit
            t= your stacked transports
            This is a tad expensive but you said you have resources. You should keep all of the units similar to this to prevent from a nuke attack. Of courseif your opponent has two or more nukes he can blast out a side and go straight to the transport. THe reason for the AEGIS is protection from sea and air and it is cheaper than a battleship. Destroyers are there for a line of defense against nukes.

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