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Civ2 won't run on Windows2000

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  • Civ2 won't run on Windows2000

    I'm having trouble running Civ2 on Windows 2000. I have loaded the civ242 patch, and it still won't run. The error message is: "CIV2 caused a Stack Fault in module IR41.DLL at 0002:019D." Then the only option is to close the application. Has anyone else run into this problem and, if so, were you able to fix it?

    BTW - I'm running a Creative Labs Annihilator 2 (GeForce 2) graphics card.

    If you know of a fix for this, please e-mail me.
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    microsoft sucks.


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      Civ2 (2.42) works perfectly fine on my Win2k machine at work. Do you have SP1? Looked into video drivers, made sure everything is updated via Windows Update?


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        I have seen two threads saying the win2000/civ2 compatability problem can be solved by a windows file named winG.dll (the G is uppercase). The poster said the file could be download from the windows website, and one post suggest (a little unclearly) that the winG file was on the windows2000 disk but was not part of the automatic install and that it could be installed manually. From the thread I got the impression that it had something to do with several 16 bit games operating with the 32 bit windows.

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          Strange how the world works. Or doesn't in this case. I loaded civ2 on my win2000 machine yesterday and I got the same error. I knew there would be issues when the install wanted to add a video player.

          No I don't have a solution.

          Honestly, I think this in MS's way of getting us to play Age of Empires.
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            WinG is included in a subdirectory on my 2.42 disc.

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