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  • adding cities to maps

    Using the map editor, I can place cities on a map. But they're just size 1 cities with nothing in them. Using the cheat menu, I can add units to a city. But how can I do sophisticated stuff like making the city larger, with improvements in it? And is there a way to use the cheat menu to add a city to an existing game rather than to a blank map? As far as I know, neither the manual nor the map editor program gives any information at all about map editing. Can anybody point me to a basic primer on how to create stuff?

    Right now, for example, I'm specifically interested in creating a situation to test my theory that marines attacking from ships get to ignore walls and/or coastal fortresses. I could go find a game where I had cities with those defenses, and cheat-create ships full of marines to attack them, but surely there's some way to do it directly?

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    actually I don't know how you add cities using the map editor I can't do that.

    But anyways I use engineers/settlers to create cities. I use the edit city in the cheat menu to change size. Then I add improvements manually by going into the city screen with the cheat mode on. If I want a city template I can use the copy other cities improvements in the edit city menu under cheat and can copy improvements over making it less cumbersome to create improvements from scratch.


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      Are you referring to ability to place starting locations in the map editor, because these are not cities in the game.

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        DisA, thank you, that was very helpful. I should have figured that out on my own.

        Adding cities in the map editor is one of the few things I CAN do with it. In the upper right corner, at the end of the line of terrain icons, is a little city. Click on a square with the 1x1 cursor, then click on the city icon, then hold Shift and left-click. Dialog box will ask you what civilization. Pick one. Pouf! City, named Babylonians, for example.

        Death -- the above is what I was referring to, not start spots.

        OK, now to extend my question: how do you turn a created map into a game? Do you pick "Start on pre-made world" from the first Civ menu? Or do you create everything you want in the map editor and then save it as a scenario? Or what?


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          Actually what you described above is the method of determining where the civs will start out at. If you look closely you can only create 1 'city' per civ. If you try to do another it will just move the 'city' icon to a different spot and erase the other starting location.

          There is not much to do with the map editor for what you are asking. Once you have the map you want, determine the starting locations you want, but this isn't really important since you create the cities during the game anyways. So really the only thing you need to do with the map editor is create the terrain you want (although this can be done in the game too, but more slowly)

          Start a new game using premade world. select the world you want and be sure to start as a white civilization (russians etc.). This will ensure the ai doesn't build cities where you don't want cities. Then you can activate cheat menu and click on reveal entire map. Now right click to move the square cursor to where you want a city and then go to create unit under cheat menu. activate settler by clicking on him and then create city. To do other civs, go to change human player and select the civ. then create cities for that civilization.

          I normally create all the cities I want first. Examine the map to make sure. Then I begin modifying using edit city and using the cheat command when inside the city screen. Military units I create inside the cities using the city screen and cheat build (although this assigns that city for support). If you want unit with none as support you have to use the create unit under cheat menu.

          one more thing when you want to save you can save as scenario, but you can also save it as a regular game if you are unfinished. and then pick up where you left off (just click on load game- although cheat menu will be activated which you want) without having to actually start a new scenario to get to your scenario. So i only save as scenario when I am finished.

          sorry if that is repeating what you know, just wasn't 100% sure what you were asking.

          There was a guide to creating scenarios around here you might want to look for. Extremely helpful to me especially since it told me how to get the correct year to display properly with 0 turns elapsed.

          I think this is it. Second one on the list is the scenario guide. whoops, you will need to click on hints&tips to get there.
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