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To all who have linked to Mathias Civ2 Site

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  • To all who have linked to Mathias Civ2 Site

    Since Xoom has been taken over by NBCi all Xoom pages had to move to a new location. This means that the correct URL of my site no longer is but instead.

    I advice to all those who have linked to my site to change the link accordingly because I do not know for how long the xoom adress will remain functional.

    Mathias' Civ II Page
    The Lost Geologist Blog

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    Thanks, Hendrik...
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      dont forget to update your signature hendrik...


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        Done that already. One question to you though. Can I change the link in the Apolyton Link List to my site or do you have to do that? Just wondering...

        Edit: hit the wrong button.
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        The Lost Geologist Blog


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          When you're in the links list click on "Modify a site". There you can submit your site's new url.