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    Yeah, I still play Civ 2. I would like to get a map that I drew and scanned transferred to a map for Civ 2, and I've tried to use the map editor, but the dimensions are too different between the drawing on paper and the map editor for it to work very well. I've seen some weird Civ 2 maps that have been changed from a bitmap form to a Civ 2 map, and I'm wondering how I could do the same. It would make life so much easier. Thanks.


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    Mercator made a program called MapEdit that allows you to transfer between bitmap and CivII formats. I don't have the link - it should be easy to find with a search engine. Or somebody with the link may post soon...
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      The utility can be found here


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        Mercator's mapedit seem to be what you're looking for.
        Just in case, there is also a maputility, by Flingbauch (sorry for the spelling), making all kind of conversions, like a call to power, SMAC, or .bmp to civ2 format change.
        I'ts in the apolyton database, I think ...
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          This program seems to be what you need. I have not tried it yet. It's called bmp-2-map.
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            just multiply the height by 2... so if you want to make a square it should be 10 x 20... thats the best way i've found, requires a bit of calculations, especially when going diagonally b/c you have to double the slope of the line... its the way i've made all my maps and most of them come out pretty well
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