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To british Civers - Please read

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  • To british Civers - Please read

    Fellow britishmen, I call upon your help to save my self from my present predicament.

    I have searched long and hard in Athens to find a copy of CIV 2 (the «regular» edition not the Multiplayer one) but without success.

    Mulitplayer is crap for SP because the AI is suicidal and so hostile that the game is ruined.

    I do not have a credit card, and even if I did I haven't found a site that sells CIV 2.

    If you can find CIV 2 somewhere in the UK please help me. (I would like the UK edition of the game so there is no more problems with compatibility etc etc)

    So if you can find it please buy it and send it to me in Greece. I'll gladly pay the sum of the game and the post expences. I know this method that I can pay the post when I get the package and the money will be send to you. I don't know the english word of this method but the important thing is that this can be done.

    Anyone who can find the generosity in their old little hearts to help me please send me an e-mail at: so I can give you more details.

    Thank you once again. I hope you can help me.

    Long live Civilization.


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    Abort the mission.
    Civ 2 copy found