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Apolyton Hall of Fame: December 2003

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  • Apolyton Hall of Fame: December 2003

    If anyone wants to vote in the hall, please do it in the following thread:

    Thank you and good luck!

    <b>What is it?</b>
    The Apolyton Hall of Fame (HoF) is a list of people who contributed a lot to the community here on Apolyton. For example: Xin Yu was inducted in the HoF for his incredible strategy and MP contributions to the Civ2 section, yin26 for his fantastic work on 'The List' with suggestions for Civ3. Every member of the Hall of Fame has made great contributions to Apolyton and the Civilization community - these people and their accomplishments must be remembered by us all!

    If you don't recognize many names you probably haven't been here very long and/or hardly ever post outside this forum - in that case this HoF might be a good opportunity to learn something about them. That is why this Hall of Fame was created: to remember and learn.

    Periodically, we hold a vote for the Apolytoners who we think contribute the most to Apolyton, the ones who make Apolyton what it is. The winners shall be inducted in the Hall of Fame and their names will live forever in the annals of APOLYTON!

    The idea for the Hall of Fame was born in late 2000 as an outgrowth of the old Apolyton Army and Apolytoner of the Season Contests, seeking to honor the people of Apolyton in a more meaningful and structured way.

    The first edition was held in the Off Topic in December 2000 over a period of 3 days and is currently archived. The first election saw Markos and Dan, the owners and administrators of this site, and the first 10 posters inducted.

    Since then, the HoF vote has been held roughly 4 times a year with 11-14 total members being elected every year. Up until August 2002, the vote was held only in the Off Topic forum - from that time on it has been posted in other sections (first in Civ3, later also in SMAC, CtP1-MP, CtP2, etc).

    <b>We'll be electing 6 people this time... voting will end on the 28th!</b>
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    to make it easier counting votes, please use

    this should stay on the first page until the voting is done.
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