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CivII Women's Suffrage & Leo's Wonders

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  • CivII Women's Suffrage & Leo's Wonders


    I'm a Civ-a-holic, played since the very first version of game. After a long pause I grabbed my old copy of CivII and got addicted again, and found one interesting detail that I had dismissed before: wonder movies. Those movies are wonderful (heehee), especially the music on background of Women's Suffrage & Leonardo's Workshop. So the question is:

    Would anyone know who is the guy behid these marvelous compositions, or where could I get my hands on them? I have hunted for that info everywhere with no results.

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    Ah - a fellow jazz fan - but I can't help you - both (wonderful) tunes are unknown to me...

    To make life easier for anyone willing to lend a hand the files to play are wonder14.avi and wonder21.avi

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      At CFC a long time ago we had someone who identified (almost?) all of the wonder movie music. I'm sure if you search there then you'll be able to find the answer to your queries.


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        Well I went to look it up myself, and Smash has posted a decent list here.

        Some of them aren't exact, but they are inspired by various pieces, probably for copyright reasons.


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          Oh man...!

          This is awesome! I was out of hope here. Thank you so much! That's one great piece of information.


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            No problem.

            If there's anything else that you'd like to know then don't hesitate to ask. The Great Library is full of useful stuff, but I'm sure everyone here will be able to remember odds and ends like that you asked for on top of what is already written there.


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              That is cooler than snot. Somebody on the Civ2 staff was a Morphine fan! Heh ... and yes, they are very quasi-bluesy and chock full of intense sax. If your favorite wonder music is Manhattan Project (and mine always was), do yourself a favor and check out Morphine. Not a band to listen to when you're drunk, by the way.