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  • First time playing online

    Apologies for what may be a basic question.
    I'm a great fan of CIV II - can somebody give me details of the best sites to play on line

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    Try the Multiplaying forum here (just below this forum) where there are lots of threads soliciting players ("Setting up IP games..")
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      Ask rah. He'll probably look in on this thread in a couple of hours and then be tearing your civ apart within the week if you can play at the same time as him.
      The timing is the most difficult thing though. You should make it clear what days and times of day you are prepared to play and then I'm sure you'll be able to find enough people for a decent game. But beware, there are lots of good players online and it is totally different from playing the AI.


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        *sigh* Unless he hasn't reset his local time, more EURO fodder. And both previous posts pretty much sum it up.

        New players are always welcome. And sometimes we learn from the new player.
        It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
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