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Korean Dog Issue Still Unresolved...

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  • Korean Dog Issue Still Unresolved...

    And again, I don't think this issue has been satisfactorily resolved...

    I am not satisfied with how this thread has been handled. Even if Q Cubed had exceeded his, quite frankly contrived, limit on how many threads he can post a day (as I have also said, all threads should stand on their merits), I took the thread onboard, and later as connorkimbro did, because it is a legitimate thread for discussion, and the issue of how the west can be so hypocritical as to lecture Korea on it's consumption of dogs.

    We took that thread on board as our own, after all, it has been common practice to get someone else to post threads for us about a particular topic if we have exceeded. This is no different.

    And yes, this is a DL, and I know the 'windows in moderation' in this site, this time of day is enjoy

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    I'll guarentee that this won't last long.
    It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
    RIP Tony Bogey & Baron O


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      one more week added on your vacation

      see you on september 3
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