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What is Civ3-The List of Ideas for Firaxis for?

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  • What is Civ3-The List of Ideas for Firaxis for?

    I'll just repeat the subject: What is the 'Civ3-The List of Ideas' forum for Firaxis for?
    I haven't been here long enough to figure that out :nuthead:

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    As the name suggests, when it was known that Firaxis intended to develop an up dated version of Civ the on-topic posters here thought it might assist them to hear from us with suggestions drawn from our collective gaming experiences with the existing Civ family of games. In particular Ming co-ordinated a list of all the numerous ways players find to exploit features of the game which might be considered cheats.

    The work was substantially completed (and tendered to Firaxis) long ago but it stands as one of the enduring achievements of the site.

    The "cheat" list underpins MP because it is substantially subscribed to by all - or else, when a group wish to have their own house rules, the existence of the list allows that to be quickly and easily done.


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      The official results you can find in the CivIII-section of Apolyton.

      The list v1 is for download and as a collection of webpages.
      The list v2 is for download only. (IIRC 550+ pages)


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        And yet, people keep adding to the list. Does anyone know when was the last time anyone from Firaxis logged on and browsed through the list?
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          I know that it was downloaded, printed, color-tabbed by sections, given the title "The Big Book of Yin and Co." and handed around and around the office. Of course, that was a few months ago, so it may have served its purpose and died quietly.
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            they probalby drop by and have a good laugh every quiet moment they can
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