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Problems with Apoly - Please help!

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  • Problems with Apoly - Please help!

    Hi guys,

    I'm finding extreme difficult to connect to Apolyton with my new computer, while I've no problems with any other webpage.

    First I'll tell you what I believe it ISN'T the reason:

    * Is not the browser, because Opera, IE and Mozilla Firebird doesn't work.
    * Is not my Firewall or my Antivirus Software, because I've stop them and I'm still get the problem.

    So I think it's a problem of networks. My ISP provider seems unable to contact with Apolyton, but my ISP is Spanish's biggest ISP, so it's very strange.

    The solution I'm using now is to use a free proxy server (see that allows cookies, but that slows a lot my access to the page, so I'd like to have direct access.

    I can post tracert and ping commands of Apoly, but ping services seems unable to contact Apoly (even for users who browser the page normally), and tracert includes a lot of hops (more of 50) with no information avaliable (****)

    Do you any idea/suggestion?

    Please help me.
    Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community

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    There was a thread very recently describing these exact symptoms. I'll try and find it.


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      Here you go, it was lurking on page 2. Don't know if there's anything there that will help.


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        Thanks, DrSpike. It seems to be a somewhat common problem for some European posters.

        So I'll use this thread to suggest a solution: Use any proxy server of this list

        Not all of them will work: try some of them.

        To set a proxy in IE, go to

        Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Configuration and select use proxy.

        In the fields insert the address and the port (the address is at left of the : in the link I posted, the port at the right).

        Hope that it will work for other European posters.

        Have any of the staff members of Apolyton checked whether there is some sorft of problems in some zones of Europe about Apoly?
        Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community


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          Settler is not stealthing ping requests, so I am assuming you are getting "request timed out" many times. This seems to be supported by your difficulty with traceroute.

          The immediate cause I can think of is a trunk node died and traffic are rerouted through side nodes via narrower pipes.
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