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Problems with next page feature.

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  • Problems with next page feature.

    When you are not logged on, you can't jump to the next page using the pulldown menu or even clicking on a different page number.

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    Ack... that would suck.


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      Does changing the location work?

      One more to add to the list of reasons not to get banned.
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        1) The reason you cannot access the "next" button when you are logged out of the Apolyton CS database is due to the fact that guests can only read the first 20 posts (i.e. one page), as opposed all of the thread, as an anti-load feature.

        2) geeslaka,
        One more to add to the list of reasons not to get banned.
        Actually, you are technically logged into the database when you are banned, thus you can access all threads. However, "banned" is effectively a synonym for "may not reply to or post new threads".