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"Prototyping CivIV" (Part 4/5) Video

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  • "Prototyping CivIV" (Part 4/5) Video

    During ApolyCon '06 held last month in Timonium, Maryland, developer Firaxis Games' Soren Johnson and Dorian Newcomb gave a presentation on "Prototyping for Civilization IV" at event venue Holiday Inn Select-Baltimore North. What can now be considered the first version of this session was conducted during the Game Developers Conference this past May; this time, more in-game CivIV demonstrations were possible and available time overall was available.

    In the fourth of five installments Johnson and Newcomb address "selling" CivIV on its visuals, Johnson issues an apology on a design element, coastline evolution, "Version G" of the game from June 2005 including resource bubbles and to-tile-or-not, art prototypes and unit movement. Below is a screenshot from this production:

    A screenshot from "Version G" of CivIV

    The video is in Windows Media format, 18m42s in length and 42.9MB in size. Part 5, the last in this serial, is scheduled for publishing on September 8th.

    Dan; Apolyton CS

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