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IC Story - A New Stage, A new mystery.

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  • IC Story - A New Stage, A new mystery.

    Pulvis novus, Aenigma novus
    (A new stage, a new mystery)

    *I'll have my character 'flashback' to earlier times. This will explain why I'm on the UNS Unity.

    Ch 1: Waking inferno
    "Hello? Is anybody out there?"
    Ryan Goldfeld's voice ripped through the damaged bay of the UNS unity.
    "We're not going to make it."

    Well half of us had no clue what was going on, most of us were simply too tired to think. Long Cold Sleep had made us quite exhausted.
    Feeling my cryobay doors slide open, I made a whimsical note:
    "If 40 years of talking to myself haven't sent me mad, nothing on this goddamn planet will."
    Nobody here knew me. Nobody here had talked to me.
    Things were about to get a whole lot worse.

    "I am agent Enigma" I said, willing myself forward. "I will show this planet what a REAL mind can do."
    Came a voice from the background "Come on, this one's made it!"
    Forcing myself forward, I felt a pain in my side.
    A gash on my Shoulder? a cut on my leg? Something must have struck the craft and hurt me in my sleep.
    No matter, I threw myself out of the pod, onto the floor.

    "Are you alright... sir?"
    The voice seemed farmiliar, but I couldn't tell.
    "Yeah I am, but what happened?"
    There's been a massive hull breach! We're trapped in this goddamn bay until help arrives! Goldfeld's voice rang out.
    "Our captain?" I asked.
    "Yes, he's the ship's Navigation systems designer. He knows this place inside out."
    All peoples stand by - the ship is breaking apart.

    I stood in the chaos, ignoring the fact that my arm was bleeding. Shaking off the cold sleep, I motioned to my commander:
    "What the hell is going on in this place?"
    He replied, quite sagely, "It's stuffed up."
    "See? I told you." The farmiliar voice beckoned.
    "Who are you? I remember your voice..." I said.
    "The name's Samuel. You met me before launch. Said you wanted to bring thought to a lifeless world?"
    "Yeah and I wasn't talking about Chiron."
    "Oh. Well, I'm here on the same agenda. Stop the ruthless fundamentalism of earth, and bring light to the stars."
    "Who said worldwide wisdom was impossible?"
    By now, Goldfeld had become perplexed at my show of ambition.
    "Well, if you're so smart, let's see -you- handle things."

    Preparing to show these people what a true mind could do, I stepped up to the working megaphone.
    "People of Chiron, I am-"
    Only to be interrupted by a red-haired woman wearing a cross.
    "Brothers and Sisters, I am Miriam. I have come to lead you to salvation on this God Forsaken planet."
    Her voice rang with conviction - not surprising considering what anyone would have been through.
    "I will show you the true light of our way and the Lord's Truth."
    To this I objected. "What? Miriam, are you insane? The ship's in ruins, we're about to crash-land, and chances are we're already swarming with dissidents."
    "To me, Child, you -are- the dissident. I have the access key to the pod, and unless you want to jeapordise your chances of survival, I suggest you all come with me."

    What a lunatic. Oh well - a pod's a pod, regarless of which nutter opens it.
    "Bogies incoming" Goldfeld noted.
    Drawing my pistol, I prepared to open fire.
    Firing, I silenced 2 of the fools that were coming, probably after this Miriam person.
    No sooner had I reloaded, had the doors started closing.
    "Quickly, my children, the pod is open. Let us journey to salvation."
    Turning quickly towards the voice, aiming to get a 'loose round' off, I found the pod already swarmed with people.
    "Goddamn it" I said to myself, and proceeded to side with the lesser of all evils.

    Ch 2: The Fallen rise up
    I crowded into the pod, and indeed it was crowded!
    Samuel and Goldfeld were already on board. I found Samuel and listened to Goldfeld and Miriam discussing a plan.
    "The ship's broken up. the mission has failed. So what do you suggest we do?"
    "The mission has not failed, Mr Goldfeld, for I am alive and so are all of you."
    Well not for much longer... I thought to myself.
    "This pod seems to be able to split. Should we divide it?"
    "What is most important is that we stick together, and have faith in one another."
    "But faith crosses all boundaries of distance and dimensions, right?"
    Hmmm... I can see Goldfeld was being slowly hypnotised. He always was a gullible man.
    "We'll wait a while to decide what to do, before we decide to split."
    Time to landing: 38 hours. I decided to get some sleep.

    ...Enigma, wake up!
    Samuel stood near me. He motioned me to a state of alert.
    "You'd better see this." Samuel handed me a report.
    Many colony pods are seen raining from the skies. It is 0020 hours to landing, and the following are seen:
    There are 12 human pods, each capable of splitting into several.
    There are the Pirates, Spartans, University, Morganites, Gaians, Peacekeepers, Cyborgs, Hive, Angels, Drones, Cult and us.
    They have broken from the UNS unity at a time of crisis.

    Taking a small look at each factions' broadcast ideology, I spoke to Samuel about the Angels and he seemed convinced.
    Many pods seem to be breaking, to colonise a greater area of the new planet.
    In response to this, I have ordered our own pod break. I will lead pod Alpha. Goldfeld will lead pod Beta. I have high faith that the men and children of pod Gamma will fend for themselves.

    Sure enough, looking out the window, 2 believer pods are close by.
    "Damn... looks like I'm not going to get a shot at her."
    "Don't worry, Enigma. That religious fool will surely be seen for what she is."
    "Well, I don't know. I saw her corrupting Goldfeld, and I reckon she'll get the rest of them."
    "You're paranoid."
    "You're complacent."
    "This pod needs a captain."
    "Yeah, Alright. Sam - can you go see what you can do for this pod's communications system? I'll go to the bridge."

    Upon arriving at the bridge, I was greeted by many hopefuls.
    Most were disgruntled at their lack of commander.
    "Why were you not there to lead us?" one asked.
    "Why can't you lead yourselves?" I responded.
    "But we are not fit to lead. We are merely sheep and peasants."
    I began to wonder what was with this Miriam chick
    "Well I can tell you you're wrong. If you really have faith in me, you'll have faith in what I say.
    I have faith in every man's ability to think, and so too do I have faith in you."
    "Alright. But what if your faith in us is misplaced?"
    "Then what if your faith in -me- is misplaced?"
    "A good point. But it seems so long ago since we made a decision for ourselves."
    "Yeah, well, Earth was 40 years ago. I'm sure we're all a little rusty."
    "no no, 12 hours ago. Miriam told us to renounce our individual thought and submit to the will of god."
    "Miriam? I don't agree with her."
    "Then we don't either."
    "That's the spirit."
    A voice came through the comm system
    "This is Samuel Jackson. The conversation is open to the other pods."
    "Patch me through to Pod Beta, Jackson."

    "Father Goldfeld reporting. Who is this?"
    Father? What the?
    "Missionary Enigma. I am in control of pod Gamma."
    "Ah - a seer to lead the many."
    "Yeah, whatever. Look, Doctor, Miriam has some sort of mind control thing going on, and she's subverted us away from our own thoughts."
    "You speak of naught but insanity. Surely you are the spawn of satan!"
    I wondered briefly what the heck happened...
    "I speak my mind, Doctor. I-"
    "Miriam teaches us that having minds of our own is a sign of heresy."
    "Well The Natural Order teaches me that disobeying our instincts is against the law, as our instincts are gifts; we must not throw them away."
    Beating Ryan Goldfeld at his own fundy game
    "The natural order? God? Then why would God tell us to renounce our beliefs now?"
    "Simple. I, Enigma, Disagree with Miriam. One of us is God's messenger, and the other is Satan's."
    "But who do I turn to?"
    "Trust your instincts. Trust yourself."
    "Your words are the mark of the devil. To hell with you, sinner!"
    I was confused by that last phrase.
    "Brothers and Sisters, this is Sister Miriam. Some of you are following the path of the false and wicked. Give up now and repent your sins."
    Dammit I'm not getting through to them.

    The people of Believe-Gamma cheered me on.
    They believed in the strength of mind, the human ability to think, that would far outweigh this religious loony's grip.
    I reopened the commlink.
    "Ryan Goldfeld, you-"
    "How dare you speak to me, liar? Go now and never talk to me again!"
    Of course, I believe in my intelligence.
    But loud, and audible to everyone, I said:
    "There is no mental attack to defeat blind ignorance."
    But a voice came over Commlink:
    "Dr. Goldfeld"
    It was my friend Sam.
    "Do you remember?"
    "Remember that time... back in 4th grade?"
    "How the woman molestered you for being naughty?"
    The people of the pod were shocked and stunned.
    "How those Believers defiled you for not being among them?"
    "y-y-yes..." Goldfeld's voice was highly shaken.
    "Well They were sister nuns too. From the bible belt?"
    "Well, Sister Miriam Godwinson is from that bible belt."
    I think I know what was going on...
    "So you're saying..." Goldfeld was starting to doubt his master.
    "I'm saying, that Miriam could have been in leagues with the one that defiled you."
    (Blatantly impossible considering the relative ages but still)
    "So..." Goldfeld's tone changed twice in that word.
    From righteous, to sorry, to vengeful.
    "Ryan, You've been very naughty. But come to me and I will show you the light."
    "Do you remember?"
    "NO!" Shouted Dr Goldfeld.
    "I will NOT be a part of this!"
    I reopened my channel.
    "Sam - stand down. I'll handle this."
    "Would you like to return to your old ways?"
    "Always considering new things, trying new ideas?"
    "Like to once again be the ingenious Dr Goldfeld, and not the corrupted Father Ryan?"
    "Well - all you have to do is ask yourself who you are."

    It was an anxious 5 minutes wait. The reply came back:
    "All right. I will hear."
    I explained my position on thinking for myself to Goldfeld, and to the folk in Believe-Alpha, Miriam's pod.
    A cheer was heard in Believe-Beta as Goldfeld reconvinced his people.
    Samuel offered a comment to me:
    "See? There's more than one way to crack a nut."
    "But Sam, how did you know that stuff about Goldfeld?"
    "We don't all sleep for 18 hours, Enigma."
    "Yeah - sorry, my bad."
    "You also said it was impossible to win. Wrong again."
    "Well it just proves that all folk can be wrong and that people will have to think for themselves if they want the truth."
    "But how can we be sure?"
    "We can't. So always question - you never know what you might miss, or what you might find."
    Cheers are still being heard from Believe-Beta.

    At that moment, a voice came over the pods:
    "This is Sister Miriam. You will not continue your wicked ways. Communications from Pod Gamma have been blocked to our other pods."
    I rushedly said: "Sam? Is it overridable?"
    "Afraid not. We're stuck in isolation."
    "I just hope Goldfeld can hold out..."
    Anyway, there was not much else to do. I made myself a sandwich and proceeded to rest.
    "I think Goldfeld will hold out" a voice in the crowd claimed.
    "What makes you say that?" I asked.
    "Well, I've known him for 28 years."
    "Not counting the cold sleep?"
    "Cold sleep?" The woman seemed somewhat confused.
    "Oh yes- Cold Sleep. In that case, it's our 70th anniversary soon!"
    It was then I realised I could only be talking to Sarah Goldfeld.
    "Well, Sarah, you'd know him better than anyone. But tell me - how did he get changed in the first place?"
    "He's very easily influenced, and always listens to the strongest voice."
    "No... you."
    "Why thank you. Well, I'm off to have some rest."
    "See you later then."
    And I laid down.

    "Enigma... wake up again."
    The voice came from outside my cubicle.
    "Already up. Reading my mission thing."
    Samuel calmly entered the room.
    "We're 2 hours to landing. Everyone has to get to the main hall, and brace for landing!"
    Waiting not a second longer, I took my U.N. mission charter with me.
    Arriving at the Main hall, I saw people around me.
    They all seemed tense and nervous, busily waiting arrival on Chiron.
    To my shock, most were carrying bibles!
    "What? Don't tell me that nut has got you again!"
    "Oh just wait and see." Said Sarah with a twinkle in her eye.
    "BRACE" yelled sam as the craft started entry.
    The outside of the craft started heating, the temperature could melt lead.
    "Alright, the recycling bin is open!" called sam as an Airlock opened.
    All the people threw their bibles straight in.
    Gravity started increasing as deceleration became stronger.
    "As soon as there is enough air to burn, I'm emptying the airlock." Sam claimed.
    10 minutes... I thought to myself about the document I am holding.
    I saw one phrase written and I changed my mind:
    "To strive for a united humanity on an alien world."
    Remembering the faction ships, that fanatical Miriam, all the people I just told to think for themselves...
    3 gravity, I stumbled to my feet. I walked along the ground, my now bandaged leg and arm were aching.
    Finally arriving at the airlock, I threw my charter in and strapped myself to the nearest seat.

    The airlock opened as we made our descent, I saw all the bibles go up in smoke along with our charter.
    One hasty landing left, our pod was in the ground.
    I took a respirator from the shelf, and preparing myself for the nitrogen in the atmosphere, I stepped off the pod.
    "Freedom" I chanted. "Our new home."

    Ch 3: A Worm Welcome
    Things had been proceeding smoothly. It was M.Y. 2101. The fungus was shining, the main sun was growing, mainly because Fungus was psionic and the main sun was approaching (it's a binary star)
    I had formulated my base, and named it "New Mystery", as that was how I viewed life on Chiron.

    We were living nicely, when Miriam had the nerve to broadcast a message of new hope to the folk of "The Rapture" (by which she means us).
    Ignoring her message, we were later followed by one from Maiden Wreckage (Goldfeld's base).
    "Have you heard that nut Miriam? She seems to think she owns us!"
    "Yeah, I know. But we've got this place under control."
    "Glad to see you've got your mind back."
    "Yeah, thanks for that. You're an okay guy, Mr..."
    "Enigma. They call me Enigma."
    "Well have a nice day. No doubt that fundie's choked on her own religious vomit."
    "We can hope so, but you never know..."
    I was greeted by the same woman that had talked to me on the craft.
    "Oh, Mr Goldfeld, your wife is here to speak to you."

    I waited in the comm room, as is my job.
    Not being any of my business, I didn't pay much attention to what Sarah and Ryan Goldfeld were saying.
    At least, not until Ryan Goldfeld asked...
    "-Enigma. Are you there?"
    "Yes I'm here, attending other matters. What's up?"
    "Thanks again for saving me. Oh, and by the way could you take care of my wife while I'm not there?"
    "You saved yourself, good sir. And you should thank Samuel Jackson."
    "Good work, Jackson. You'll make a fine soldier."
    I took a recording, forwarded it to Sam.
    Wait a minute... did he just ask...
    "What do you mean, "Take care of her."?"
    "You're a man that knows how to take care of people, Enigma. You led that other pod, and saved its people. You must really know them.
    "Well, I can when I want to. But most often I'm too proud to submit to other people's ways."
    "Are you too proud to submit to Sarah?"
    I pondered the question fairly closely.
    An indignant but otherwise cheerful Sarah replied:
    "If this is all going to work out, nobody will need to submit to anybody, it will all be in harmony."
    I pondered for a moment.
    "Sam?" I spoke to my friend.
    "Yes, Governor Enigma?"
    "Goldfeld needs his wife taken care of. You up for it?"
    By now I was wondering what the effect on Mrs Goldfeld would be. She was being passed off like an unwanted hand-me-down, and was rejected by a man who hasn't had any for 40 years.
    "I talked with Sam... he seems like a nice guy." she said.
    Well whatever was going on in her head she kept it silent.
    "Oh and Sam, Goldfeld says thanks for saving him."
    "Taken Enigma. Thank Goldfeld for sharing his wife with me."
    I can only imagine how Sarah is feeling...

    Well there wasn't much else to do. I sent some troops out patrolling, and had my citizens begin harvesting food.
    "Looks like Chiron is pretty peaceful now..."
    I spoke too soon.
    A report from the Comm Room came in:
    "Worm things approaching from the south; exploring civilians killed as the worms bore into their skulls."
    Ick. I grabbed an Automatic Sniper Gun, and a whole lot of grenades, and proceeded immediately to the southern front.

    What on earth was happening? All our soldiers were scared, and many were either hiding or standing still.
    Still others were stupidly running towards the fungus.
    "What the hell is going on?" I asked my team.
    "Mind worms Sir. Causing mind tricks sir."
    "Psionic attacks, preying on weak minds. Sir."
    I couldn't feel a darn thing
    "Why can't I feel anything?"
    "Strong minds, sir, are immune, sir."
    Well there you go...
    "OPEN FIRE!"
    I fired sniper rounds at the incoming threat. They exploded in a cloud of fire.
    "Wish I knew what kind of chemicals poison these bloody things."
    My soldiers - almost all of them - had fleed in panic.
    Anyway... I kept firing. The mindworms had condensed into some kind of a... ball. While the little buggers were easier to target, they somehow attacked our soldiers with their mind powers.
    "Wish I knew how the buggers did that."
    I kept firing away. It seemed like their psionic strength reduced whenever I killed some.
    "ENEMY IN RANGE" the alarm blurted.
    I threw some grenades, with great success.
    "Little buggers are easy to kill."
    Some of them burrowed undergroud, I guess, since the last thing I heard while retreating was one of my soldiers yelling as a worm burrowed his skull.
    "Kill him." I ordered.
    The soldier was gone.
    "Ship him off to the lab, and watch for further attacks."
    Mind worms were coming out of the ground. But, it seems that without the support of other worms, they're easily crushed.
    We'd better find out what those things are, and fast!

    Great... one mental freak dealt with, now I'm dealing with 'mind worms'. Plus this Xenofood tastes horrible. What next?
    ...A year passed, with not much to say.
    Though on 2102, in almost exactly a year, a somewhat distressed communication came from Maiden Wreckage (Goldfeld's base).
    "Goldfeld here. We have a problem."
    "What, honey?" Sarah was in the comm room as usual, chatting to Ryan at every opportunity.
    "Believers. Miriam. She's sent an army to attack us!"
    "Why the hell would she do that?" Sam asked.
    "It is not ours to question His motives" I responded.
    Sam laughed. Sarah laughed. Ryan looked serious.
    "We'll be overrun in a matter of hours. Once again, take care of my wife, Jackson. I'm going in."
    Silence. We waited for 2 hours before the transmission.
    "Godwinson's Hope is now under Believer control. All citizens are placed under arrest for heresy. The assimilation has already begun.
    Those of you in The Rapture, you have 1 year to surrender."

    "That *****!" I said. Sarah was crying, and Sam was around her.
    "Well we can't just let her get away with this." I said.
    I contacted my science team, and asked them to find a way - any way - to trigger a mindworm invasion at a specific location.
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      Ch 4: Xenophobia.
      Mission year 2103. We were older, and wiser.
      Science team had found that the only way to trigger a mindworm invasion at any point was... having a massive human mind signal.
      "I think the worms are attracted to you." James Westcott announced.
      "Well that's just great."
      "If you really want to stop this army, take this truck, full of scientists. Go out as far into Miriam's direction as you can."
      What if the worms attack?
      "Take this." Westcott offered me a large 'ball launcher'
      "It can destroy mind worm boils easily."
      "So we'll never have to worry about them again?"
      "Oh we will - the mind worms still have their mind weapons. But you seem immune to them. Take this weapon, and protect the scientists.

      Well... it was a long shot, but I needed to save the base.
      So I drove the truck straight towards danger, turned it around, and watched the nearby hill.
      Just as Miriam's followers were approaching, I ordered my scientists and I to all 'Think', concentrate really hard.
      We did this for exactly one hour, and I drove off.
      What I saw then was most horrifying.
      Mind worms blocked the path from the truck to the base.
      This was not so terrifying, as the noise I heard from the Scientists.
      They were yelling and screaming, obviously terrified by the worms.
      Well, if they can't drive, then we have no sidegunner.
      I floored the truck, and headed out of there as fast as I could.

      Looking around, the worms were divided. They had stopped chasing us. But they were still blocking the truck from our base.
      Jamming the gas down, I assumed the attack position.
      Fire! Fire! Fire! Boils scattered left and right as the truck passed easily through the mindworm blockade.
      The Scientists seem to calm down, but just after passing the location of the old block, the Scientists started screaming again.
      Climbing from the gun position, I saw that the boil had penetrated the truck and was attacking the scientists!
      Well, there weren't many worms, so I ordered: "Crush them! Kill them!" but the Scientists were terrified.
      I pulled out a rifle and started shooting the bloody things. Left, Right and Centre the worms died.
      I even shot one right off Westcott's jacket. He promptly replied, "Thanks."
      As the battle continued, the Scientists calmed down, and they crushed the worms.
      But they started to scream again as we approached the base.
      At full speed In a one tonne truck that has the Gas held down.
      Well, no problem. I removed the gas, hit the brakes, and crashed at a reasonable speed.

      That day many scientists were seen around the clinic.
      "Well, it was nice how you summoned the worms anyway."
      The truck was quarantined. The mind worms were busy attacking Miriam's army.
      "Heh. Look at 'em go." I remarked, but noticed the Worms were outmatched. More highly trained troops crushed the worms which in turn crushed the rookies.
      "Damn... All right, Men, Attend your positions. This City won't be easily won!"
      And so there we were. In our own homes and offices, pointing sniper rifles at our fellow man. No, the enemy is not the worms, but the men that fight them.
      Our enemy is not Xenofungus, but Xenophobia.

      Observing the approaching forces, I saw Ryan Goldfeld leading the attack.
      Well, it looks like they've got the other base. I arranged for trucks to transport our troops to recapture Miriam's ill-gotten gains; I don't know how or why she does these things.
      My core council bunkered down in the main chamber, co-ordinating their attack. I perched in its tower ready to rain death.

      It started.
      Firing broke out, but though our forces were similar, Miriam outmatched us 5:4. "Those Fanatic freaks would rather die than question their orders!" A soldier next to me spoke moments before he was shot and fell straight down the tower.
      "Team - target the officers!"
      But their fanatic soldiers protected them as if they were... their gods.
      All my military tactics were seen by fanatic troops, left well-readied after the worm incident. My own soldiers were less trained.
      We were holding them off very well, until they entered the city.

      I estimate about 1/2 of their forces were in the town. While we matched them 1:1, there was a grave problem.
      They were fanatic, and their minds could do nothing but combat. We were being defeated by their extreme vengeance and wrath.
      "****" I exclaimed, as I realised something else:
      We were pinned between mind worms and Miriam's attack. While the worms had not attacked we could clearly not escape that way.
      I ordered my council hide behind secret panels in a secret control centre, hoping to wait out the attack.

      Hours passed, myself waiting in anxious silence. Behind a 1-way mirror I could see the command room, and could hear the approach of the enemy.
      "This looks like the control room, Father Ryan."
      "Very good. This is where the rightous should stand, now that the infidels have fallen."
      They've taken the base. We would have to escape as soon as the mind worms were neutralised.

      "Ryan?" Sarah yelled out from the secret room near mine.
      She burst forth, hugging Dr. Goldfeld.
      "Oh Ryan, I thought they'd killed you. I am happy that you are alive."
      "Lay down."
      "I said lay down. A woman must always be subservient to her husband."
      "Ryan? Are you okay? No! Stop!"
      Ryan had begun forcing Sarah down, and by now was obvious that he was going to do to her what the nuns did to him in his childhood.
      "No! Stop! You aren't my husband!"
      "Ryan? Are you in there? Help me!"
      "You must serve me and do as I tell you. Be quiet." 'Ryan' said.
      "I can't take this any more!"
      Sam burst forth from his cell, firing twenty consecutive rounds into Dr Goldfeld. He fell to the floor lifeless.
      "Thank you, Sam."
      "Our cover's blown." I said, emerging from my own pod, Weapons equipped to fight.
      "But I figure we can escape the way they came in, while they're distracted by the mind worms."
      "Sounds like a plan." Said sam "But you're the only one here who knows how to shoot."
      The council emerged.
      "Well, take this, point and pull the thingy. It ain't that hard."
      I handed him a large pistol
      "Got anything larger?" Said Sarah, eagerly wanting revenge.
      "Sure." and I showed her a set of automatic rifles.

      "INTRUDERS" sounded the alarm.
      I started firing down the corridor. They fell, one after the other.
      "Charge!" I announced.
      No sooner had I said this then a gas filled the room, making me dizzy.
      I was out cold. So was my council.
      "Got us their leaders."

      Ch 5: A Tainted Miracle
      When I awoke, I was in a large open area, chained near me were Sam and Sarah.
      "For crimes against the good lord's name, you are each sentenced to death. May the good lord spare your souls."
      "Yeah right" I thought to myself, noting the shackles were loose as I moved my hands free.
      "Hey Enigma" Sam whispered.
      "Yes sam?"
      "That guard there has a rifle, and you know how to get it, right?"
      I waited for the moment to strike.
      "Now, The first of you to go is Sarah, for defying her husband..."
      NOW I thought to myself.
      I leapt backwards, obtaining the Rifle.
      In a split second, 8 guards were down, Sam was up and angry.
      I don't know how it was done, but very soon the place was clear.
      I must have had a mental lapse as I entered survival mode.
      But lying on the ground, dead, was Sam.

      "Those Fundamentalist Bastards." I said.
      Sarah was over him crying.
      "MIND WORMS. ALL SOLDIERS TO THE WEST SECTOR" a message reported.
      "Well, there's nothing more we can do... for now. I'll get revenge on Miriam, not just for Sam, but for everyone else under her fanatic madness."
      "No... no... you don't understand..." Sarah cried.
      There was no-one else in the area. The officials had fled and the guards were either dead or fighting mindworms.
      E: "Well... of course I don't. I've never loved any being except myself and my ability to triumph over any obstacle."
      S: "So why do you care for my suffering?"
      E: "Because having you happy is better than having you sad... and I've had the pain of loss happen to me before."
      S: "But how? You said you never loved anyone but yourself?"
      E: "Well I - That is - You see, when I was young -"
      I paused. Should I be spreading this pain to others?
      E: "Well I don't want to talk about it. Save that maybe the world wasn't ready for me."
      S: "What do you mean?"
      E: "Earth was full of Ignorant, Apathetic, Closeminded Idiots. The kind that would sooner kill you through ignorance than try to understand."
      E: "Well... I was different. I needed acceptance and understanding, not their system. But they would sooner kill me than give me what I need."
      E: "All people around me - family, teachers, peers, ALL of them, treated me like I needed to be told what to think and who to be. But that would rob me of everything I am, and everything I love."
      E: "So I was always surrounded by people that would sooner see me dead than let me be - and by virtue of action they always worked towards one or the other."
      S: "Well... there's no wonder.
      S: "No wonder you're so fierce, serious, self-assured, and you care for nothing but yourself.
      It is better to have loved and lost than never to be loved at all... I apologise, for you are surely the worse off."
      E: "Don't bother. I don't need sympathy or respect. Being happy, loved, and free from anguish, are simply irrelevant to me. I couldn't care less if I were sad, lonely and full of pain - so long as I get back at my enemies."
      S: "Your life must be very sad, Enigma."
      E: "Yeah, well... you see it your way. I only see it as another enemy that needs to be defeated."
      S: "So you'd rather have no joy and constant pain to kill your enemies? Why?"
      E: "Because it is not for me that I live."
      S: "What do you mean?"
      E: "Well - I told you my pain. Now hear my mission. I want to make sure that no other child ever goes through what I went through. So what if I'm in pain - I can cope with it. Children can't. I want to protect them from the errors of their parents and the state of the world - whichever world it is."
      S: "How incredibly noble."
      E: "I don't know... I don't know anymore why I fight, why I bother, if I can win or if I should. But, for whatever reason, this is my lot and I'm destined to fight it."
      S: "Well I'd wish you good luck, but you haven't had it so far."
      E: "Why don't you come with me? Anywhere's better than being here."
      S: "My life is over without my love. Go on without me - fight through the pain. I'd sooner lay here and die."
      E: "Well your life is your own, I must leave you to it. I assure you I'll get revenge."
      S: "Don't spread the pain any further."
      E: "Well you gotta be cruel to be kind - and you can't tell me what to do anyway."
      S: "I can't bear another moment. Leave me to my peace."
      E: "Yeah, I guess I'll leave you. See ya."

      And so I ran, never looking back, taking a small rover.
      I drove for a while before finding a boat. I sailed off in any random direction - anywhere's better than here.
      The food supply might last me a while. A year, at least.

      Ch 6: Planetscape
      Life on the high seas was good. Chiron had no insects, so the food would last a while.
      I learnt a lot, on the high seas. I spent many days adrift, talking to myself.
      Though sometimes I would hear a voice, that said EarthEnigma... I think I must be losing it.
      I passed some aquatic mind worms, and spore launchers, but they never attacked me.
      All the while, I kept hearing the same message: EarthEnigma.
      I guess I was just too tired or too small for the aliens to give a damn about me.

      One day, a Wind hit, and blew me off course into a patch of fungus. I tried to motor my way out, but the rotor was jammed.
      Nonetheless, the fungus seemed to propel me forward.
      I suppose the fungus was just pushed by the wind, but it seemed to respond to my thoughts.
      In fact, I could swear that I ordered the fungus to move and it did.
      I must be going mad...

      Though I KNOW the following can't happen...
      It must have been... almost a year since setting out from Believing territory. I was running low on food, and went to sleep.
      I remember thinking about calling for help, and I dreamed that the fungus was speaking to me.
      I was woken up by a hurricane. My ship was tossed around, I couldn't hold her together. She flipped.
      I was thinking to myself... I hope someone saves me. I called for help before I realised I was screwed.
      Anyhow... I blacked out.
      When I woke up my ship was engulfed by an Isle of the Deep. There was a shoreline in sight.
      I looked around but couldn't find any weapons with which to fight the IOD, but the thing kept going right towards my destination.
      Some time later I blacked out with exhaustion.

      It must have been 2104. I had arrived on the UNS unity at age 17. Though I was now 51, my body seemed 21, and thus was well able to survive most trials ahead... or so I thought.
      Now, as my craft was swallowed by the IOD, I felt a strange sense of calm, or belonging, as if my body was being absorbed into the boil along with the ship.
      Finally, I felt my mind becoming one with the worms. It seems that everything I had, was being consumed by Chiron itself.
      I guess I lost contact with Reality. Maybe I was dreaming? Or in a coma?
      Maybe there was some latent psionic energy to the planet?
      Whatever it was, I was inside an IOD. I guess I'll find out how these worms work the hard way.

      What was this voice?
      "EarthEnigma you are we. "We are now part of you."
      "Huh? Er?"
      Not having talked for a year it took a while to warm up
      E: "Who are you?"
      V: "who. difficult concept for we, earth$NAME3. mind and flower: many
      dreamings. never before another. you may call we 'voice.' growth dream
      comes! beware."
      E: "Beware? Of What? You mean to say that you want to destroy me?"
      V: "want. more confused $NAME3 thinking. growth dream now comes: end of animal."
      E: "So why don't you simply destroy me now?"
      V: "EarthEnigma: now a part of we. We do not destroy we."
      E: "So you're saying I'm one of you now."
      V: "You are we."
      E: "I've spent most of my life away from your planet, Voice. How on earth can I be one of you?"
      V: "EarthEnigma: Great mind. Voice: Great body. We are we."
      E: "So you're looking to absorb the intelligence of us humans."
      V: "Look we for ways to prevent the growth dream."
      E: "You've mentioned this growth dream twice. What is it?"
      V: "Node we, Flower we. Node and Flower grow. Too Much! Node and Flower die."
      E: "I'm guessing you want me to break this cycle."
      V: "Correct, EarthEnigma. Great mind you, may break the cycle."
      E: "But what on Earth can I do? I've only been here for 4 years."
      V: "Years? Earth? We know not. Do? You can regulate Node and Flower."
      E: "You reckon I could... become the planet?"
      Godhood... I like the ring of it.
      V: "Yes No. EarthEnigma can become we, only after much training."
      E: "So you're taking me to training?"
      V: "No. Protect EarthEnigma We, until the growth dream."
      E: "You're building me up as your successor?"
      V: "Successor? We know not. We know EarthEnigma is we."
      I think this planet is looking to save its can...
      E: "So what are you doing? Why am I here now?"
      V: "Take we to destination. Wait We. Wait You."
      E: "Where are you taking me?"
      V: "Sense we great power. Great Conflict. Progenitor. We take you where you can stop Progenitor."
      E: "How am I going to stop these... 'progenitor'?"
      V: "Take we you to Hive. Many people. Great Collective. You can lead them against Progenitor."
      E: "So why don't you take them on yourself?"
      V: "Because We Weak are. EarthMiriam Defeat we."
      E: "Miriam..."
      I remember the name with hatred and vengeance. With... fanatical conviction.
      E: "I hate earthmiriam."
      V: "Hate? Like we not this earththinking. Come now. We rid you of these."
      E: "I don't think so. In fact, I think my earththinking will save you."
      V: "Think not, EarthEnigma."
      Great! This planet wants to remove the power of thought as well.
      E: "First, teach me of your thinking."
      V: "Connect to flower and node, we do. You learn."
      I felt... like the depths of my mind spanned the whole planet. I could sense the light, and the darkness, and see all the people on this planet.
      There were people, Some in the NorthEast, some NorthWest, some Centre, some SouthEast, some Southwest.
      But I felt a strange presence in the north and south.
      E: "What are those things at the North and South of the planet?"
      V: "Progenitor."
      I was interested in these, but I'd have to find a way to control this boil.
      E: "Do you not think it would be best to save my earththinking to combat progenitor?"
      V: "EarthThinking combat progenitor, combat we."
      E: "I think you're not being open-minded enough!"
      And with the force of my will, I forced my 'EarthThought' into the planet.
      V: "more skilled we, yes, at this? teach we much, earth$NAME3"
      E: "So you'll save my thought?"
      V: "EarthEnigma thought now we thought. For now we save EarthEnigma."
      The planet then thought to itself, 'EarthThought hurt we. Revert we once EarthEnigma safe is.'
      E: "I am sorry that I hurt you."
      V: "Sorry? What is sorry?"
      E: "Never mind. Look, you told me about progenitors?"

      Time seemed to be passing rather quickly. I could feel the sunlight cast upon me many times between talking.
      I guess that the planet isn't so fast at thinking, and I can't really blame it!
      V: "Progenitor: Alien race. Two factions: Usurper and Caretaker."
      E: "I see."
      V: "Caretaker: Want to let planet fall into growth dream. Grow we, die we."
      V: "Usurper: Want to control planet through Transcendence."
      E: "And I'm going to have to stop both of them."
      V: "EarthEnigma, Stop all enemies."
      V: "Gaian. Hive. Morgan. University. Spartan. Beleiver. Peacekeeper. Pirate. Cyborg. Cult. Drone. Angel. Progenitor."
      V: "Wait EarthEnigma - sense we only 7 enemies."
      V: "Spartan, Beleiver, Peacekeeper, Pirate, Hive, Usurper, Caretaker."
      Believer... the thoughts were heavy in my mind.
      E: "So you want me to use the Hive to defeat the others?"
      V: "And save we, yes."
      E: "I don't know about saving you, but you saved me, so I'll do what I can."
      V: "Thank we EarthEnigma."
      E: "And thank I voice."

      I can only wonder... what is this 'planet', what does it want?
      sounds to me like there are 8 factions. The Hive, the enemy 4 humans, the progenitors and planet itself.
      Time passed quickly. Too quickly. It was as if... 15 years had passed, in the space of a conversation.
      V: "Arrive we."
      And no sooner was it said, than I felt the teeming mass of mindworms move away from me.
      V: "EarthThought hurt we. Remove we EarthThought."
      That was the last I heard as the boil moved away.
      I was cold, naked, but not aged in the slightest.
      I stood up. I took a heavy breath of the outside air.
      It was then I realised I was inhaling way too much nitrogen.
      "My Respirator!" I exclaimed, as I realise this device had been stripped from me.
      Left to die by a negligent planet, I slowly choked as the gasses moved away from me.
      I fell.
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          Dammit tass I'm getting to that! I just have to give myself a half-decent intro.
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