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  • Parties

    Please excuse my ignorance, but whats the point of them? Is there one, other than a reason to argue and increase post count?

    Do they serve an actual purpose?


    Play hangman.

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    As your PC increases, so does your knowledge. You become enlightened.
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      So of course parties serve a purpose. Duh.

      How can you even ask such a thing? Maybe you need a trip to the enlightenment room....
      Eventis is the only refuge of the spammer. Join us now.
      Long live teh paranoia smiley!


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        LAG is God
        and SPAM is his benvolent Servant.

        That about sums up my beliefs.
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          More constructively, parties serve as a means for political actors of similar outlooks to associate and communicate with one another. Party threads can fill up with spam, it's true, but the same is true for just about any other thread. The real purpose of a party thread is to make public the ideals and communications of a party -- those that the party wants to make public, at least.

          And that applies whether you call them parties, factions, movements, guilds, or what have you. All, of course, in my opinion, which may possibly be biased as I'm a former party leader and current movement co-organizer. But you can consider that the orthodox view, if you want. (Not that I'm an authority on what "orthodox is... Well, I'll be quiet now.)
          Adam T. Gieseler


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            As Adam says, parties serve an important role. That is where much policy is debated, and different views argued, until you get a consensus, or until poll is started to decide. Parties also add intrigue, when certain parties will support certain candidates for positions.

            If you wish to join a party, the FNP is always looking for new victims members to corrupt enlighten
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