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  • Party Headquarters (ACPSDG Roleplay)

    Somewhere, far from the Central Shaft and Factional Headquarters of The Hive, much deeper than what many think is possible when it comes to building underground, sits a large, rather unassuming building, which would look rather normal, if it were not so deep, nor so isolated.

    However, appearances can be decieving. This building serves as the headquarters of the People's New Revolutionary Party, simply known as The Party. All top Hiverian officials, those on the Central Continuing Committee, are members to this Party,

    This building, not any other that may seem more important on the Hive's Central Shaft, is the nerve center of the Union of Republics of the Hive. It is a meeting place for important members of the Party, where issues are debated and decided, policy is set, and plans contrived and executed.

    It is a center of intrigue as well: alliances, battles, betrayals, backstabbing, and political assasination all take place in this ond building.

    What part will you play?

    (OOC: Just a little RP to liven things up. Have fun. )
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    "They've finally completed construction."

    Quite impressive, when you consider that it's been only a month since Planetfall. Not even the most productive workers back on Earth could have come close to the speed with which we Hiverians have managed to construct this magnificent city. As I walk down the corridor, I admire the elegance of its design... not a single unnecessary corner, not a single ornament without function. Everything the perfect model of efficacy and efficiency.

    I now have a chance to move into my new section. Up until now, I had had to make due with a warehouse for all the functions associated with my job. Hardly enough... there wasn't nearly enough room to store all my forms and papers; I was worried that something horrible would happen to the reams of print-outs I had forced to stack outside.

    However, with enough room to store the tonnes of forms, official documents, research reports, and theses, I can now really get down to my job. "The industrious mind is the enlightened mind", after all. I'm most looking forward to the new social experiment facilities I get placed under my care... a chance to finally get some practical results.

    And here come the first subjects now...
    Comrade Corellion, Secretary of Science and Social Engineering for the Human Hive in the Alpha Centauri Police State Game (ACPSG).
    Function Corelli Omega-9, Internal Affairs Function (Terms 110, 101, 100, 011, and 010) and Advisor on Foreign Affairs (Term 001) for the Cybernetic Consciousness in the Alpha Centauri Democracy Team Game (ACDTG).
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      Meanwhile, in a room deep inside the complex, Octavian grumbled to himself.

      "Stick me in an office in the middle of nowhere, will they... Place Tassadar next to the cafeteria, and put me next to the freaking power generator."

      The constant hummm of the facility's power supply still bothered Octavian to a great extent.

      'Oh, hell,' he thought to himself. 'Nothing to do down here. Up to the commons...'
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        "Ah, finally... they've finished it. Now I can actually do stuff again, even if rather slowly..."

        /me looks his offices over.

        "Okay, let's see...

        "Multi-media communication centre with all the trimmings? Check.

        "Secure omni-sealed bolt-hole in case of emergency? Check.

        "Weapons store? Check.

        "Anti-bugging scanners? Check.

        "Large computer mainframe? Check.

        "Military training room? Check.

        "Meditation chambers? Check.

        "State-of-the-art security system? Check.

        "Okay, I think that's everything..."


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          "Sir, 50 canisters of helium as you requested."

          "Excellent. Now I need blueprints for the ventilation system of the commitee meeting room."


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            Of course no hive would not be complete without "Enlightenment" Room 103.

            "What am I suppose to do with 5 tonnes of freezed dried protein packs? This facility requires nervestaplers and suitable enlightenment furnitures."

            Meanwhile the crates of helium cannisters had been accidently replaced by Hive logistics with nervestaplers.
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              General Secretary Maniac of The Party sat relaxed behind his large desk (of course the only one in the entire Hive made out of original Russian taiga wood). He was glad, as everyone was going according to plan. As he expected, since he bribed the pollsters, he was elected General Secretary with a large majority of votes. Now he only needed to make sure any opponents would cease their political ambitions and his rule was assured for eternity!

              The first stage was discouraging any opponents in their daily work, so they wouldn't have time to plot coups. His first lab rats to test this method were Comrade Tassadar and Comrade Octavian X, both so foolish to compete against him in the recent elections.

              He turned on his secret camera observation system and had a look at Tassadar and Octavian. As expected, instead of writing revolutionary pamflets Octavian X was muttering in himself about the constant humming of the power generator. It was a wise decision to give him an office down there... And Tassadar was placed near the cafetaria. Probably he would waste all his time eating SPAM. Yes... The future looked bright indeed!
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                /me wonders what defeated candidate Octavian X is doing in The Party Offices for a few seconds, and then looks at his bulging suitcase and decides it's time to unpack.

                "Hmmm... Nice office." Drogue wonders to himself, obviously pleased with his new position of Secretary of Foreign Affairs, meaning that he gets an office big enough to entertain foreign 'dignitaries' in.

                /me cracks open a little smile to himself, noticing that work has already begun on his 5th floor walkway between the Foreign Office and the Local Government Offices.

                "I might have to go for a walk later to have a look for a building that could be converted to serve as the FNP headquarters. I'll have to see how my other office is coming along too." Drogue says aloud, before realising the likelyhood of bugs in his room and closing his mouth.
                "I shall have to get some loyal bug-sweepers in here. One can never be too careful." He thinks to himself.

                /me walks to the door, having a last look around, smiling to himself, before leaving, closing the door behind him.
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