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Turns/Story of Probe Alert #1 Succession Game

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  • Turns/Story of Probe Alert #1 Succession Game

    This is a SMAC v4 Succession Game.

    The Morganites have sworn not to build any military units. In fact they have decided to only build 1 former and 1 base (in addition to MI) per CEO. The only other units they will build are probes - They plan to win the game with only their wits (and some industrial espionage) . All probe actions are fair game, however, so they may acquire military units who become "disgruntled" with their previous employer (and will start with the usual scout); however, they will not upgrade any of these units. They may armor and equip their own probes (and their own few formers), however, in whatever fashion they desire. They may build anything in their bases and if the populations of other factions' bases should wake up one morning feeling like they belong to the Morganites, they may be welcomed into the fold as well. However, only the limited number of formers and bases may be actually built and can also be replaced should they be lost, obsolete or economically undesirable for whatever reason. Otherwise, the normal PBEM rules apply.

    The setup is:
    -Large map
    -Ocean: 30-50%
    -Average Erosion
    -Average Native Life
    -Dense Cloud Cover
    -All Victory Conditions ON
    -Do or Die: ON
    -Look First: ON
    -No Unity Survey: ON (no unity survey available)
    -All Else: OFF

    The Players are:
    -johndmuller (CEO J.D. "Diamond" Muller) at John's email
    -Zakarov VII (CEO Zaky VII) at Zak VII's email
    -Blake at Blake's email
    -Fromage at Fromage's email

    The 1st 2 CEO's will play 20 years, the remainder of the 1st round of turns, the players will each play 15 years.
    The 2nd round will be 10 or 15 years at the players' option.
    The 3rd and following rounds will be 10 years or less at the players' option.
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    CEO's Report - MY2100 - MY2120

    Report by CEO J.D. "Diamond" Muller to the Board of Directors of Morgan Industries for the period MY2100 through MY2120

    Morgan Industries Founded - Began research on Merchantile Exchange, only 190 turns to completion (not allowed to build anything else). Are producing food from an offshore nut special, so will not waste too many mins. Hope to pop a Monolith in the adjoining pod. We discovered (instead of a monolith) another marvelous device of seemingly Alien origins - Let's call it an Alien Artifact, we'll take it home to study and perhaps use for a tech boost if we ever get a netnode.
    "Hey boy!" CEO Muller calls, beckonning toward his young assistant, "Come over here a minute. 'Blake', your name is, right?"
    "Yes Sir! Mr. Muller, Sir, Yes Sir, Blake, Sir, What can I do for you Sir? Mr. Muller, Sir." says Blake very enthusiastically.
    "Well Mr. Blake", says the CEO genially, "I've been hearing some very good things about you. Have you given much thought about your future? Myself, I figure that a bright young man like you is probably thinking to himself how he's gonna to be the CEO someday, aren't you?"
    "Why Yes Sir! Mr. Muller, Sir, Yes Sir, just like you say Sir, I sure am hoping to be the CEO Sir, just like you, Mr. Muller, Sir, . . . , someday CEO, Sir! Mr. Muller, Sir, Yes Sir." said Blake, practically at attention.
    "Blake, Blake, Blake, lose the 'Yes Sir! Mr. Muller, Sir, Yes Sirs', just call me 'Diamond', at least when none of the vice-presidents are around", says the CEO with a huge laugh, slapping Blake soundly on the back, "I've got a job for you, if you think you're ready for some real responsibility".
    "You bet I am Sir, Mr. Muller, Sir --- er, 'Diamond', Sir, just tell me what it is, Sir." spouts Blake, practically shouting in his excitment.
    "OK, Blake", says the CEO, putting a big, ring encrusted hand on Blake's shoulder, "it's very simple, we have to tell those scientists what to work on in that new lab we're going to build someday. Those VPs downstairs, they just keep saying Centari Ecology, Centarui Ecology, Centauri Ecology like a mantra; its all they know how to say. What I say though, is that I think its time for some NEW THINKING on this matter, and I think you are just the man to decide what that new direction will be. So lets have it - what are we going to research?"
    "Industrial Economics", says Blake without batting an eye.
    "Well that's what it will be then. I knew you were the man for making those quick tough decisions, Blake, come down the hall with me and let me show you your new corner office."
    "You won't regret this, Mr. Muller, Sir, Thank you very much, Mr. Mul---, er, Diamond, Sir."
    "I know I won't", says the CEO, beaming, "now I've got nothing to lose. You're a good man though, Blake, and I hope for you're sake that this works out right; I'm sure you don't want to supervise the mail room."
    Diamond's Head Founded at the base of what looks like Mt. Planet (and later turns out to be).
    Industrial Econ Discovered - Switching to InfoNets (might have done Social Psych but it wasn't offered) and building Energy banks.
    Free Market
    InfoNets discovered - Switching to Social Psych; Popped Pod, got Unity Rover
    Met Chairman Yang's representative near the pod site, ambivalent old fellow. We enagaged in very 'tough' negotiations with our new friend (he didn't notice us shaking in our boots) - we gave him 20 credits to not do the bug thing, traded for Applied Physics, then gave him a tech to sign a friendship treaty; couldn't interest him in a pact though.
    Pod with Brother Lal's Commlinks discovered, contacted him, traded Applied Physics for Social Psych signed friendship treaty. Switching EBank production at MI to Rec Comm and rushing it to get extra worker off the dole.
    Switching to & got Centauri Ecology; Switching to Planetary Nets; starting first former at MI
    Got Doc: Mobility in pod
    Diamond's Head builds Energy Bank; now producing a Rec Comm
    Santi's rover appears in our MI base radius; she hasn't made contact yet, that will be up to the next CEO; we put our rover back in the base to protect(?) it or at least give Santi pause if she is unhappy. We appear to be roughly tied with her in the power graph - she has the military and (horrors) wealth lead, and we have the tech lead (Zak has the overall lead).

    Population: 3
    Techs: 7
    Cash on hand: 51
    Trade: 0
    Income: 8
    Expenses: 2
    Net: 6
    Friends: 2
    Enemies: 0
    Power Graph: 2nd (tied)

    -We inquired about commlinks with Yang and Lal and did not ask for any they had before their patience wore out.
    -The scout has been to the monolith and the rover has not.
    -I forgot to design an individualized former before it got over 10 mins, so it will be just a regular former when it is done, I will personalize it when/if I upgrade it to something more special.
    -Would recommend caution with Santi when she says hi, we don't have much to fight with and no defense to speak of. Next tech will let us build probes; then we can afford to be less tactful.
    -Sorry it took so long; I couldn't save the game for a while, it wouldn't open the save window - I had set the name to JD "Diamond" Muller and apparently it was having indigestion over the quotes when it tried to use them in the initial file name. Once an initial file name was established without quotes, then it was fine with my CEO's name in the game, however. I wasted a lot of time on that, but it could have been worse .
    -Turn attatched and sent to Zak VII (I think it is nice to post them so that we can see the intermediate turns, but we should probably be nice and try to remember to delete our attatchments after a while).
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      Report by 2nd CEO Zaky VII to the "Doard" of Directors of Morgan Industries, MY 2120-2140

      I see our Founding CEO has done well with our base...empire. I took the liberty of using the massive treasury of 51 (very good early on) to finish up JDM's Former, which reminded me to go to that Unit Workshop and request a Zaky-Special Former. Unfortunately, we don't seem to attract the brilliant sort to the Workshop, and thus they were unable to satisfy my request. They insisted that the prebuilt model could not be renamed, and didn't care that I was trying to introduce a new design that happened to function the same way. They informed me, quite unhelpfully, that if I were to put Synthmetal Armor on my Formers, I could name my "creation" however I wanted, but...that would double the price. So I settled for the basic old Former, starting my own in Diamond's Head.

      After that terrible ordeal, I decided to chat with Lal, to inform him of the CEO change. He wasn't very interested in that, but wanted us to give him some technology (Social Psych, was it?) for his map of Hive's territory. I refused (I never did like trading for maps), then Lal straight out asked for that technology. I asked for Biogenetics in return, and he laughed. I was fearing the worst...when...he suddenly ASKED US to be his Pact Brother! Overjoyed, I agreed, and hoping this favorable development would allow us access to his research data (*cough*Biogenetics*cough*), but he's too busy with that Human Genome secret project that he's not even building. Oh well.

      Yang was less successful...he demanded something, I refused, we tried Pacting, he went away. Still Treaty, at least.

      Thus passed the first year of my

      Santiago drives right up to Morgan Industries. We have every reason to be afraid of her...she not only has the biggest Military on Planet, but...she has the most Wealth! Argh!! And, to top it off, she...has the most Technology. Be afraid, be verrrry afraid...

      "Give me Industrial Economics, please."

      "Um, OK." Did I have a choice? At least I shut up a nearby worker (who was also in the Vehicle Bay, preparing to depart on the newly built Former) before he could add, "Would you like fries with that?" And here I thought we were bringing the elite scientists, engineers, and businessmen to Planet...


      As mentioned, we finished JDM's Former, and thus I decreed that I needed my own personal headquarters, and so I ordered Colony Pod building to commence at Morgan Industries.


      Meanwhile, at the other base, Diamond's Head, a Mindworm was sighted frighteningly close. In fact, the next year, it could possibly move into the undefended Diamond's Head. It was two squares away, connected by fungus. The Scout Patrol hurried back, but it may be too late...

      MY2122 was a year of great industry, money-making, and heavy thinking, but unfortunately nothing of great import happened, except for a stubbed toe on one of the Colony Pod workers.

      In other, lesser, news, the Mindworm continued its advance towards the base, but for some reason did not pillage and plunder. The Scout Patrol used this opportunity to sneak back into Diamond's Head, ready to defend it.

      MY2123 would have been a year of great industry, money-making, and heavy thinking, but not much money was made since a bunch was spent hurrying my Former at Diamond's Head. No injuries were reported, thankfully, and that poor worker has completely recovered. But he refuses to go back to work. Oh yes, and the Mindworm went away.

      Because years of great industry, money-making, and heavy thinking are boring if nothing really happens, I decided to call Lal when I saw this was going to be an utterly average year in the life of any CEO, discounting the part about the alien world, pink fungus, freakish worms, 4 other factions out there, presumably hoping to kill us, and our "ally," Yang, seething at us. Utterly normal, as I was saying, so I called up Lal. He met Miriam, and, as predicted, Miriam wants to kill him. How sweet. He gave us the Commlink for free.


      We called Miriam, but perhaps that was a mistake, because she demanded Centauri Ecology from us. We complied, and she hung up. Or discommected or whatever it's called.

      Speaking of Centauri Ecology, my Former got up and running. We're working on Recreation Commons at Diamond's Head now, so that the little toddler monsters won't grow up into big adult monsters and cause serious problems.

      Our Peacekeeper friends have a Secret, but they won't tell us. Tell us what it is, that is. They broadcasted to the whole world that they had Secrets, that's no secret.

      Diamond's Head workers decided to be brave, relinquishing the defense of the Scout Patrol so that it could go out to new frontiers and find...well...stuff. More specifically, a Unity Pod that the Scout Patrol was just about to pop when it had to answer the call of duty and return in the case of a Mindworm attack.


      I'm getting anxious about my headquarters being founded...I'm 1/3 of the way through my term! Unfortunately, the workers on the Colony Pod at Morgan Industries can't be "encouraged" to hurry up without huge expense...they say they'll get moving when they're 1/3 of the way done (10 out of 30 minerals), but they won't even reach that next turn. A small bribe of about 12 Credits encourages that stubborn once-stubbed-toe builder to start working again, ensuring that those crucial 10 minerals will be accumulated by next year.

      Finally, they can get to work! A rather budget-breaking amount must be invested, but it seems worth it. So now we're left with 11 Energy Credits, when we began with 59. So much for a money-making year.

      Well, well, well, aren't I just the lucky CEO. That Scout Patrol dug up a very nice prize in that Unity Pod, finding materials that will save us many years' labor on the Recreation Commons! Don't ask how the materials were instantly transported to Diamond's Head, while the Scout Patrol is 2 years away. Just be thankful. Very thankful. Anyway, we're now on track to finish it next year.


      Finally, my Colony Pod is complete! Mwahahahaha! Er, yes, exquisite, yes, yes...hehe...I'm sending it over so my headquarters can florish on a grand area of Nutrients and a mysterious (and mysteriously productive) monolith.

      Morgan Industries' workers are now hard at work on an Energy Bank.

      With the Recreation Commons complete, this year of great industry was spent starting a Network Node to help the heavy thinking while the money-making continues. Life is good as CEO.

      Midterm crisis!!! OK, not terrible, but with the stress of my term being halfway over, it seems a lot worse.

      The good news is our heavy thinkers have completed their research on Planetary Networks, enabling us to build Probe equipment, a staple in all Morganic troops!

      The bad news is that the heavy thinkers steadfastedly (or is it steadfastly? Who cares, I'm CEO, I'm allowed these errors) refuse to do as I say. Now, I'm a pretty informed CEO...I know what Industrial Economics does for us and what Planetary Networks does from us...I also know of the Wealth Industrial Automation would bring, and what is neccessary for, well, Automated Industry. But the scientists won't consider it! So I have to settle with Biogenetics, since the only other things they're interested are some Doctrine thingie and some Calculus thingie.

      However, there's a rather elegant and unexpected resolution to this. I call up Lal, and guess what he's willing to trade us for Centauri Ecology??

      No, I'm sorry, it's not Biogenetics, but it's that Doctrine: Flexibility our scientists are so enamored with. With them satisfied, I order them to immediately work on Industrial Automation, with only 2 of the invested energy on Biogenetics going to waste (due to the, well, lack of invested energy thus hadn't even been a year!)

      Another year of great industry, blah blah blah. I envision Defenders of our empire, toting Synthmetal Armor and weilding wicked briefcases.

      Those dumb Workshop workers say it'll be expensive, so I remove the little wheels hiding under the nice, crisp business suits, dropping the movement capabilities to half but similarly cutting the price. These Defenders are now the same price as the predesigned Probe Teams!

      Hmm, I lied. Workers at Morgan Industries are NOT hard at work on an Energy Bank. Due to the lack of raw near Morgan Industries (Colony Pods get very bad gas milage!), very little progress has been made, thus allowing a switch to the new Defenders at no inefficiency.

      A long era of peace and prosperity now reigns, a time of great industry, money-making, and heavy thinking...MY2133-2136

      Whoa, great industry? No way. Things are being built terribly slowly, and to get things moving I invested a considerable amount of energy into the Network Node at Diamond's Head.

      And peace? Double no way! You should've seen the storm I cooked up in MY2134 when I found that some idiot had moved my Colony Pod to the wrong square! The square it arrived at had access to only the Nutrients! I want the monolith! I personally drove over my Rover to oversee matters, and then I'll leave it to defend my headquarters (when built - it's all ready for next turn, after the three year hiatus) as I stay there to prepare to make it my vacation home for, oh, maybe a hundred years. Morgan Industries should be fine as soon as it finishes its Defender.

      By the way, don't trust the underlings who say the mistake was my fault. I can always blame it on some minion or another....

      Our first Network Node is complete! I shall leave it up to our 3rd CEO Blake to determine whether our Alien Artifact should be transported to the Node and studied for possible technological gain, or saved to harness its power on a very big, very secret Project.

      And my vacation home is founded, near the Nutrients and Monolith (finally!). As I'm a very unimaginative person, it is simply named ZVII Center. Future CEO's have permission to change the name.

      I have ordered production of Recreation Commons there, so I'm not terribly bored during my vacation.


      Halfway across the world (at least, the world as we know it...which isn't saying much. I'm not one for travelling and scouting), Morgan Industries finally has a Defender, and is starting from scratch on that Energy Bank.

      As it nears MY2140, I keep telling myself, "My term isn't nearly over, I'm just voluntarily stepping down for a century or so to go on a vacation. They're not kicking me out, I'm still CEO, I'm still CEO, I'm still CEO........."


      I'm on vacation. Oh yeah. It's great. And Blake, be sure to hurry up that Recreation Commons soon, I'm getting bored! Maybe you can do it as my headquarters doubles in population, to avoid disgruntledness. Thus killing 2 birds with one stone (though you are NOT killing me, and I am NOT a bird!!)

      State of the

      "It is Mission Year 2140, my friends, time for my much-needed vacation...

      "We have a Pact with Brother Lal of the Peacekeepers. According to worldwide broadcast, he has the most technologies, though I've peeked at his research status and we have just as many. He won't give up Biogenetics or Secrets of the Human Brain, we haven't give up Planetary Networks or Industrial Automation. He's no longer at war with Miriam, at some point or another they signed a Treaty, but that wasn't really important news to me. I was worried about stubbed toes or vacation homes or something important like that.

      "And then there's our Treaty with Seething Yang of the Human Hive. He seethes and seethes. I don't like him. But Lal likes him less...MUCH less. Be careful dealing with those two.

      "Finally, our Truces with Miriam and Santiago....they won't talk to us, I like to think we've rendered them speechless with...

      "Our UNSURPASSED might! According to some Plantary publication, we are just about exactly tied with my alter ego Zakharov of the University for most powerful on Planet (can't you imagine those headlines those Peacekeepers put out?:

      UNN's Top Ten MOST POWERFUL men (and women) on Planet!
      #1&2&3&4&5 - CEOs "Diamond," Zaky, Blake, and Fromage, and Provost Zakharov
      #6 Brother Lal
      #7 Sister Miriam
      #8 Colonel Santiago
      #9 Chairman Yang
      #10 Pathetically Weak (but strong in her own way) Lady Dierdre
      Hopefully they're right about us!)

      "Speaking of powerful, scary women, Santiago maintains her most fearsome military...and also maintains her even more frightening Wealth.

      "Miriam the fanatic has the largest population, perhaps "converting" some of those Peacekeeping fundamentalists that so strongly supported Brother Crisler, as Brother Lal has a remarkably small population of only 6(0,000). We, who scoff at massive expansion, have 8(0,000)!

      "Our heavy thinkers are thinking very, very deeply, hoping to learn the powers of Industrial Automation in 4 years. They predict, based on details of the Industrial Automation project, that new, fantastic technologies need just 178 Energy Credits invested in them in order to yield their benefits, meaning about 11 years at our current rate of 17 Energy Credits per year...

      "But do not think, fellow investors, businessmen, capitalist pigs, monopolistic graspers, and sleezy CEOs, that we are skimping on our economy. We gross 14 Energy Credits per turn, with 4 being spent on the upkeep of our 2 Recreation Commons, our Energy Bank, and our Network Node.

      "And now, to my successor and our 3rd CEO, Blake, I wish to point out that both Morgan Industries and Diamond's Head are just starting on their projects, an Energy Bank and a Defender respectively. Both can switch to whatever you deem neccessary at little inefficiency - none in the case of Morgan Industries, and 1 mineral for Diamond's Head.

      "The Recreation Commons at ZVII Center is desperately needed for the ever-growing populace and my own enjoyment, so it is my suggestion that you continue work on that project.

      "Finally, an apology - very little scouting has been fact, only one Unity Pod was recovered. However, more and more Defenders are coming in (the one at Diamond's Head is planned for ZVII Center), thus soon allowing our Independent Scout Rover to leave the defense in the Defenders' capable hands in order to explore our new world.

      "Thus, signing out from the beautiful coasts of ZVII Center,
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        And so, 40 years after arriving on planet, CEO Blake takes control of Morgan Industries, at the tender age of 65 (not counting time spent snoozing on the unity).

        2140 The first point of call was establishing a new City, to further the Morganite economy and serve as a fine holiday destination for rich ba$***** like CEO Blake who likes to talk about himself in 3rd person. As such production at MI was changed from energy bank to colony pod.
        The production at Diamonds Head (DH) was changed from "Defenders" (synth probe) to a standard probe team, for scouting and maybe infiltrating our "friend" Yang.

        Also gave our pact brother Brother Lal a call, refused to delcare vendetta on our friend chairman yang and requested that Lal call off the vendetta. He complied.

        2144: Researched Ind.Auto, next is biogenetics, as part of our efforts to learn what our "friend" Brother Lal's next excuse for obstructing the free flow of information will be.

        2145: Founded "Blakes Holiday Resort" within walking distance of MI between the two nut resources. Moved defender from MI to BHR, MI is building a new defender, there is a road connection between MI and BHR so the defender can shuttle back and forth should be need arise.
        BHR begins rec commons.

        Tried to buzz Santi to ask if she approved about a switch to Wealth. No reply was forthcoming and CEO Blake assumes that Santi heartily approves of a Morganite switch to Wealth.

        CEO Blake spends 40 credits on a massive advertising campaign, promoting Wealth values to the Morganite people. The campaign is highly successful, with improved industry, economy, and no-one ever wanted to go to war anyway.

        Probe team completed at DH and sent off to explore mount planet.
        Rushbuy rec commons at ZVII for 8 credits, as it will grow next turn.
        (Yep, a fair bit happened that turn)

        2146: Chairman Yang calls and blunty requests the Morganites turn over Doc:Flex, CEO Blake breifly considers saying "Try and make me, punk!" but thinks better of it and meekly turns over the data.

        ZVII completes Rec Commons, production set to standard probe. Something tells me that Yang will be sending over some units soon, and they may need some help converting to Morganitely ways.

        The probe team wanders up to the hive border and finds a Hive colony pod sitting there. Yangs up to something. I know it...

        Meanwhile in The Hive.
        Chairman Yang recieves reports that a probe team was spotted by the colony pod ordered to loiter near the Morganite border.
        Yang thinks "CEO Blakes up to something, I know it...."

        2147: The hive colony pod turns around, heading back towards the hive. The probe team continues to explore mt Planet.

        A second probe built earlier at ZVII arrives at The Hive and infiltrates datalinks.
        For kicks and giggles CEO Blake calls up his friend Chairman Yang, who demands Social Pysch, is asked to give something in return, refused. He demands something else, also refused. He then demands a pact of brotherhood, possibly thinking I'm stuck in "refuse" mode, I accept then trade Social for Doctrine Loyalty.

        2154: Biogenetics discovered, next tech ethical calculus.
        Call up our pact brother brother Lal and swap Secrets of the Human brain for Doctrine: Loyalty.
        Rushbuy formers at BHR (gotta finish them!!!).

        2155: Miriam calls and claims that I'm violating some law she made up and that I have to pay a 50 credit fine. I offer her 20 credits but she is not amused. So I give her the full 50 to humor her.

        I've starting a sensor network, our first sensor planted on the east face of Mount Planet to watch for hive activity. Sensors should be a priority.

        Prehaps our next former should be a sea former?

        Our bases are building rec tanks or energy banks. I was focusing more on energy for mind control and rushbuying, than research. Better safe than sorry and a large bank account wont make the enemy unhappy, unlike a large tech lead.

        ZVII and DH will grow next turn, both have adequate drone control and a 1-2-1 tile for the worker.

        Blakes Holiday Resort is really popular and growing fast (2 nut specials) and may need a Hologram Theatre to keep the more pompus guests entertained and prevent them from rioting. Altough you could also build the next colony pod there.

        As it turned out, nethier CEO Blake, or Chairman Yang were really up to anything. Chairman Yang turned out to a be a good friend, and CEO Blake stubbed his pinky and was cyrofreezed, with orders to be thawed at such a time that his grevious injury could be treated.

        State of things:
        85 credits in the bank, 21/turn (13 from commerce)
        Tech every 12

        One probe team, 3 defenders, 3 formers and the scout patrol, unity rover.

        Pact with our brothers Brother Lal and Chairman Yang. Truce with Miriam and Santiago.


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          What do you mean I forgot to attach the file?
          (not e-mailed to fromage seeing I dont know what address I should send it to)
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            I will play my turn tonight.

            Address is:


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              You are playing this pretty fast, actually faster than I can read your reports


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                2155 CEO Fromage takes control of Morgan colonies. His plan is to chance the Morgan lifestyle totally in his 15 years period and get his name in the history. First priority is to secure the growth of the old cities and and establish a new city.

                2156 Formers start to build road towards nutrient resources in south. Plan is the extablish a new city in there, where it can grow easily and become a metropolis. Meanwhile other former plant sensors next to Hive border. Hive seems to be very militaristic and builds colony pods in two of his three cities.

                2157 Recycling centers are getting ready and CEO Fromage decides to focus on energy and growth. Building of energy banks and hologram theaters has began. It won't take long when energy credits won't be spared to get things done fast. Hive scouts and colony pods wander in our territory.

                2158 Our capital gets its energy bank ready and starts building a secret project called "Merchant exhance". Plan is to take over planetary energy markets with only one city's production.

                2165 We finally invent ethical calculus. In the same year CEO Fromage decides to call parlament elections and citizens choose 100 wise men to help in Morgan's day to day business. Things go well and now CEO Fromage doesn't have to do everything alone. This increases efficiency pretty much and everyone is happy in our new democracy. Just after that CEO Fromage meets Lal (gets Nonlinear mathematics) and Yang (and get High energy chemistry). 100 of energy and one tech is given away in those meetings. Lal is very happy to our new goverment, but Yang feels that Morgan's freedom of speech threatens his country.

                2166 CEO Fromage establish a new city called "Oulunsalo" on the other side of mount planet.

                2168 Hive had enough and cancels our pact. CEO Fromage doesn't really mind, because Hive is pathetic after they lost one of their cities to mind worms.

                2169 CEO Fromage finally gets his new Ferrari Former. Former that moves twice as fast than regular formers is pretty fun to drive. Is was pretty expensive, but CEO who made a historical decicion to change goverment to democracy, really needs some luxuries.

                2170 CEO Fromage leaves his position for next CEO and buys a house from Oulunsalo.

                Pact with Lal, treaty with Hive and truce with belivers/Spartans.

                All the old cities have Recycling centers, recreation commons. Almost all have energy banks and hologram theaters.

                Secret project is almost done. Alien artifact was used for this.

                Research plan is to get environmental economics (and planetary economics after that) soon, so we will get more trade and can build tree farms.

                Hologram theaters are in large cities so they can grow freely. No psych will be needed any time soon.

                Everything is peacefull and we can focus on growth and research.


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                  Forgot to mention that Morgans now got 14(0 000) citizens.

                  Here is the file.
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                    MI CEO JD 'Diamond' Muller Report to Board for period 2170-85

                    "What do you mean, I've got to wear the earring in my right ear; you know we always wear it on the left!", spouted one the identical seeming twins - identical yes, but the one talking seemed somehow younger or edgier, the listener somehow more relaxed and mature - "I've been wearing it this way ever since I left the V__"
                    "DON'T SAY IT", boomed the other, "If the others knew that we exist, they'd all want to have clones and longevity too. You've got to remember not to let it slip out! Do you want to go back to sleep, or do you want to be CEO for 10 or 15 years - Here I am being nice and you're giving me all this grief. Here, let me help you with that earring."
                    "I can do it myself - of course I want to be CEO -duh- and don't give me this crapola about being nice; you just want to keep on shacking up with Dee. I should have known something was up when you woke me up only to push me into that big deal going-into-stasis ceremony; I bet you're giving Dee those longG treatments too, that's why she looks so good after all these years."
                    "Well you know it's pretty hard to keep secrets from each other, but we sure can keep them from the others - you know you'd be doing the same thing if you were me (chuckling). I just told Dee about the earring thing so she's be sure, she's a little old fashioned when it comes to this stuff. Don't worry, there's plenty of Dee's in the freezer downstairs if you want one; you'll just have to keep her out of sight - Dee would kill me if she found out we made some copies for ourselves too."
                    The probe explorer in the southwest met an early end, it couldn't even escape from a MW - the MW even attacked with 2/3 strength.
                    Starting a trance defender to (hopefully) beat off the MW we met above. We need some military facilities probably.
                    Finished Merc Exchange, starting Sea Former at MI (will retire a regular former).
                    Finished Gene Splicing; started Eco Engineering
                    Paid off Santi with a few techs. Killer MW coming on into sensor range now.
                    Sending our brave scout out to meet nasty MW (and maybe get promoted!)
                    Our brave scout chickened out at 2:2 odds, the braver rover (5:4) took it out instead (we had brought it up close as a backup, but it got the medal instead [poor chicken scout is in the pub complaining about how the CEO pulled him before he could get a chance to prove himself].
                    Another MW coming from the South, the scout may get a chance to redeem himself
                    Now there are 2 MWs down there, someone must be stirring them up!
                    Scout's honor restored, promoted, he saved the day while the rover healed for the next MW attack. Rover prevails again; now up to veteran.

                    General: Finished SP and mostly worked on $$$ and infrastructure, swapped into a seaformer at MI. Prototyped Plasma, built a few plasma-trance defenders and a CmdCntr (at DH), started work on rover and foil based plasma-trance versions for recon or more aggressive stuff. We need to start moving out and possibly growing our military and/or base count with probe activities. Suggest Santi as a good starting point. We think she is North and/or NorthWest. Good luck.

                    Population: 27
                    Techs: 17
                    SP: 1
                    Cash on hand: 328
                    Trade: 14
                    Income: 58
                    Expenses: 27
                    Net: 31
                    Friends: 2
                    Truce: 2
                    Enemies: 0
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                      CEO Zaky's Turn-of-the-Century Report

                      CEO's Report of Progress Leading Up to the Next Century, MY2185-2200

                      Ah, it has been a hard 15 year reign, and war is not my strength. Therefore, I put our empire back into Blake's capable hands, as I go hide in ZVII Center again. Let me tell you, there were no boring old years of great industry, money-making, heavy thinking, and stubbed toes. No, too much happened.

                      Greatings, again. I have emerged from my vacation after only 40 years. It was hard to tear myself away from ZVII Center's wonderful Hologram Theater that some CEO generously built, but I managed. So here I am today, your leader until I decide to resume my vacation.

                      Looking over the expanse of our empire (practically doubled in size since my last term), I see that we have many size 4 bases. The Recreation Commons and Holograph Theaters in these bases can satisfy more, and so Hab Complexes were begun at Diamond's Head and Blake's Holiday Resort. Although we may have unhappy citizens at 60,000 people, by then it is my hope that we will have Tree Farms, and so we will want to continue growing. Energy will have to be allocated to Psyche at that time.

                      Ah, our forests truly are flourishing. Hopefully the greenness we bring to Planet will make up for mercilessly ruining its environment with our Free Market. Trees are growing in more and more places, this time near Diamond's Head.

                      Just northeast, at Oulunsalo, a new Energy Bank was opened, to the delight of all investors, businessmen, capitalistic pigs, blah blah there. Slightly less popular was my choice to build a Network Node there next. The people don't like thinking .

                      And our Perimeter Defense is complete at Morgan Industries. I was shocked, touring the streets there, to find that there is not a single Recycling Tank in the city! Our Capital, the only one without! That must be changed.

                      Then, over at my dear old ZVII Center, the Plas-TR F-Probe (whew!) was hurried for 80 Energy Credits, so that it may be completed next year.

                      I am proud to announce that Ecological Engineering has been mastered! Now, we don't just have to kill this Planet, we can manipulate it ! Environmental Economics is being looked into next, more for the "Economics" part than the "Environmental" part.

                      That PTFP was ready to go out exploring the seas near ZVII center, and so the city is now working on a Hab Complex.

                      At Morgan Industries, I waved some spare cash at the workers and they, well, got to work. 48 Energy Credits and 1 year later, they should be done.

                      Finally, feeling in a giving mood (no, not chartiable giving, of course), I headed on over to Oulunsalo, and paid considerably more (120 Energy Credits) so that their Network Node may be completed soon.

                      Ah, those silly little Peacekeepers thought it fit to announce to the whole world that they're nearly done building a Virtual World. Isn't it enough that we had to travel 40 years to come to a new, Real World??

                      I was minding my own business (which, actually, means I was doing quite a bit, considering how big and profitable my business is) when I wondered what Morgan Industries and Oulunsalo were doing. They must be done with their projects, I personally oversaw them last year! Irate, I stamped over to some advisor or other and demanded that I be notified every single time a facility is built. Feeling much better, I ordered Children's Creches at the two idle bases.

                      I am very proud of that PTFP. On its very first pod-popping expedition, it found a sonar pod. Now it knows exactly where to go for the next.

                      Nearing the end of the first five years, I was thinking how wonderful everything has been, how peaceful...Brother Lal, even, our dear ally, was so happy at the completion of his first not-so-Secret Project.

                      And so our "friend" Yang decides things are much to boring and decides to make trouble.

                      He moves a Colony Pod into OUR territory! How dare he! Then, HE calls ME up...demanding 120 Energy Credits! I offered 70, but he wanted those 120. Since this was the first such incidence...I let him have it.

                      I felt somewhat better when the Sea Former near Morgan Industries ran into a Pod that spouted tasty Kelp all over.

                      Then, just to bother me, that PTFP ran into an Isle of the Deep where it thought there was a Unity Pod! These things are fearsome - Mindworms on the sea. However, the PTFP had taken precautions and the crew was trained to fall into Trances under these situations. Things shouldn't go too terribly.

                      As some earthling said, "if things can go wrong, they will." Yes, you guessed it...

                      The Hive brought there Colony Pod out and moved a Probe Team into our territory! He is really bothering me...

                      I spent some pocket change (40 Energy Credits, methinks) on that Children's Creche I wanted at Morgan Industries. It needs to get to work on a Hab Complex.

                      And ZVII Center needs to hurry up on theirs, so I emptied two more pockets on it. 82 Energy Credits, to be exact.

                      That's all this ye...oh, you were worried about that PTFP? It survived. Heading back for repairs right now, in fact.

                      Things continue to deteriorate...

                      Yang moved the Probe in further, and brought the Colony Pod with it! I'm not quite sure what he's thinking, a Probe Team isn't a very capable escort, but it's extremely bothersome.

                      Speaking of bothersome...Miriam called us up. She demanded Gene Splicing, and I meakly complied. Then she wanted Industrial Automation, and I thought to myself, "What am I doing??? She's halfway across the world and we're well defended. Besides, since we gave her one tech, she might not even declare Vendetta...!!"

                      Well...she did.

                      In better news, Morgan Industries started a Hab Complex since there Children's Creche was complete, just as ZVII Center completed their Complex. I put them to work training a Probe Team less armored than our Defenders yet speedier.

                      Yang continues his "forward march"...

                      And Brother Lal and that crazy Provost who stole my name () had a spat themselves. Lal announced he was commencing a Citizen's Defense Force project, and Zakharov broadcasted the same right after. Neither have even met, yet they still have to have their little competition...

                      Ah, a slightly better year. Our Rover intercepted Yang's Probe and requested very politely that it go away. It didn't, so we captured it, stuffed it in a cannon, and launched it back where it came from. How else does it instantly return to Yang's base?

                      The Colony Pod remains, but I don't, I'm not up to anything, Mr. Yang...

                      I never actually infringed on Yang's territory, but I got right up close and built a we can see his Probe Team running in circles around his road because it now had nothing better to do with its moves ...

                      Blake's Holiday Resort finished its Hab Complex, so it can work on a Network Node now.

                      ZVII Center, having built very many facilities, now begins our first Research Hospital!

                      Ugh, not a good year...

                      First, our infiltrators (we've infiltrated The Hive's datalinks??) report that researching Air Power!!! It'll take 42 years...but it's still scary ...

                      Next, a terrible riot swept through Oulunsala, so close to our border. Drones were rioting, upset that Oulunsala was just as big a city as any other yet it had no Hologram Theater. Hiring a Doctor their helped them with...some medication .

                      And just to the southwest, Diamond's Head finished its Hab Complex, starting a Research Hospital of its own so that it has a permament "medication" dispensing facility, in case it runs into Oulunsala-ish problems.

                      A very, very good year. Though it had nothing to do with great industry, money-making, or heavy thinking.

                      We "returned" another Probe Team to Yang, and...well...that Colony Pod IS in our territory, so we just slipped some Probe Teams around, completely surrounding it (either by Fungus or a Probe Team). Let's see what Yang wants to do with it now .

                      Oulunsala finished its Children's Creche, so a Hologram Theater was begun.

                      Yang continues to make me nervous, but I think I'd feel a lot better if I just tore up this "Treaty" we have...

                      That is IIITTTT!!! Yang moved an Impact Plasma Infantry right on his side of the border, protecting that Probe Team which keeps bouncing back (The Hive is SO close to our border!).

                      Not wanting to risk wrecking my reputation by tearing up our Treaty, I demanded to Yang that he withdraw. Yes, I know, his Infantry/Probe wasn't on our territory, but...his Colony Pod was, though not of its own free will ! He refused, and, as I knew he would, he did the dirty work for me.

                      Now, we went to work immediately. The workers at Oulunsala started Permiter Defenses immediately, and the Defender that was blocking off the Colony Pod went back home for defense. Why? Because...I wasn't worried about that Colony Pod anymore. All it took was that Probe Team I had moved over from ZVII Center for the surrounding and 360 credits.

                      The Uranium Flats is a nice place, isn't it?

                      Amid all my gloating, I was terribly disappointed to hear reports of 3 Mindworms!! One from the northwest, seemingly from Santiago's territory, and two from the south...

                      We finally know the secrets of Environmental Economics! Who cares about Research Hospitals, ZVII Center and Diamond's Head switch to Tree Farms!

                      Speaking of Z, or, more specifically, that other Zakharov, he announced that he is working on compiling Planetary Datalinks. Yay for him.

                      We fought our very first battle this year! And, we came off of it without a scratch!! Aren't we proud?? Just...don't worry about the odds being 10,000 to 5, and the fact that the Rover just ran over Yang's Probe Team and the fight was over...ignore those details

                      60 Energy Credits were used to motivate those workers at Oulansala into finishing the Perimeter Defense for next year, as that Impact Plasma Infantry approaches...

                      Morgan Industries finished its Hab Complex, just in time to join the war effort. They're working on a Plas-Defender NT (a 0-3-1 unit, cheaper than the 0-3t-1 model) to send over to defend Oulansala.

                      Oulansala also started a Plas-Defender NT, as its walls were complete. However, we, the monopolistic graspers, were short on cash for once. We had not the energy to subvert Yang's Infantry, which was right next to Oulansala now...

                      I had a terrible argument with the Director of Defense at Oulansala. I saw that he was moving up the Rover for defense, and I, well, went ballistic (before Yang's Infantry even had a chance to do so ). He insisted that Probe Teams, even Defenders, couldn't be Designated Defenders. Wondering how I would be able to save our city with such idiotic commanders, I suddenly realized how I could outsmart such dumb commanders. I ordered the Director of Exploration to send the Rover out on an "exploration" a 1-1-2 unit, the Director had authority over it! Without his precious Rover in the city, the Director of Defense was forced to move our Defender forward to meet the enemy.

                      I have determined I'm going into hiding now. This year was too scary.

                      Yang's Infantry was met by our Defender...and we were victorious! Our Defender was gravely wounded, but Yang's Infantry was...well...actually, just wasn't . Unfortunately, that means we will be unable to "recruit" it to our cause...just as we were getting the cash, too!

                      The Rover, now, was sent on a real mission, this time to Morgan Industries. There were now three Mindworms nearby...2 adjacent. Morgan Industries is defended well, by our Scout Patrol and a Plas-TR Defender, but as I'm sure my next CEO Blake will agree, it would be greatly preferable to keep the Scout alive. Unfortunately, with the Directors of Defense refusing to make Probe Teams Designated Defenders, that means the Scout can only survive if our Plas-TR Defenders aren't needed to repel the threat. It is up to the next CEO Blake whether the Scout Patrol should make a strike in late 2100 on one group of worms, or stay behind for defense. I would lean towards the latter, but it is his decision.

                      In better news, farmers just east of Morgan Industries report a remarkable occurance. Awakened by strange noises in the night, they feared the pink forms of Mindworms or fungus. Instead...they saw that the earth was trembling as great green plants sprouted! These plants are very tasty and regenerate very quickly, making them an excellent source of Nutrients for the citizens of Morgan Industries. To better make use of the land, however, perhaps some trees should be planted right nearby these Nutrients.

                      In worse news, it seems we might have more Probe problems. Santiago has moved a Probe Team to the very edge of our view, in the northwest.

                      With the immediate Yang threat taken care of (CEO Blake may want to strike at him if we can build up the cash), Morgan Industries stopped the Plas-Defender NT production and began working on a Network Node, just as 20 Energy Credits were spent at Blake's Holiday Resort to finish up their Network Node for next year.

                      Thus stands our empire as I flee to hide in my estate at ZVII Center.

                      Yang is still 36 years away from Air Power, but it is still terribly scary. He has Polymorphic Software, something we are still unclear about, so our Probe Teams should serve us well in that respect. Yang also only has two bases, each defended with a Plasma Garrison. He's not even making any more military units...he's making Energy Banks in both cities. Yang, in the middle of a war, worried about his Economy !

                      Lal also has Polymorphic Software, but in addition he has researched Intellectual Integrity. Whenever I bring up the possibility of a technology trade, he reminds me that he is working on the Citizen's Defense Force. If we want Polymorphic Software (I believe it helps our Probe Teams' base morale? Wow, suddenly a use for this most useless of technologies!), we've got to get it from Yang...isn't that odd, going to our enemy for technology?

                      On the defensive side, no troops are coming towards us - we have plenty of advance warning with our Sensor.

                      Zakharov we have yet to meet, but we know he must have Cyberethics if he is compiling the Planetary Datalinks...

                      We are short one Former...perhaps Blake's Holiday Resort could provide that, since it is finishing its Network Node soon?

                      And, after the Mindworm threat is dealt with, the Uranium Flats seem like a very appealing place to send our new Colony Pod. It can access both Mineral resources...perhaps we should send the Ferrari Former
                      ahead to plant some forest?

                      By the numbers, we are 8 years from Centauri Empathy. We get a technology every 10 years, as 69 Energy Credits are spent each year to fund science. We net 40 Energy Credits a year, and have 24 population (4 size 5 bases and 1 size 4) with one Colony Pod.

                      According to UNN, we have the most technology. Miriam has the best military force, and Santiago has...the most Population, Wealth, AND Territory!! That other Zakharov is leading overall...however...looking at the Power Graph...our bar is highest!

                      Deirdre has made quite a comeback of sorts, now just behind Miriam, who is just behind Zakharov, who looks just behind us.

                      Signing out from the beautiful coasts of ZVII Center,

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                        CEO Blake awakes from his cyrogenic sleep... the Morganites are in trouble and need his help. Wondering what the problem could possibly be he looks out the window of Morgan Industries and almost goes into shock at the sight of herds of mindworms roaming the plains.

                        Luckily CEO Blake is a man of action, and immediately assessed the situation. Morgan Industries has a single scout patrol and a trance probe defender, there are two worms to be destroyed, one way or another. If the scout patrol attacks and destroys one worm, but is injured, it probably wont survive the second worms attack, which will result in the destruction of both units leaving MI wide open for the next mindworm (but the rover will arrive in time to defend MI). Ofcourse it would be highly undesirable to lose any units, and so CEO Blake decides to order the scout patrol to have a nice all-expenses paid vacation at Blakes Holiday Resort and leave the well equiped trance probe team to fight off BOTH mindworms. CEO Blake decides to personally oversee the Scout patrols vacation.

                        The scout patrol reports, that the road to BHR is actually blocked by one of the mindworms, so the scout patrol and CEO Blake head off to supervise the planting of the new forest, and sample the tasty green weed.

                        CEO Blake continues his review of the Empire from the cab of the shiny speedy former which is equiped with an excellent communications uplink. First he buzzes Brother Lal, who starts drivelling about not being able to trade tech, so CEO Blake switches Lal over to the former pilot and tries to ring his old pal Chairman Yang (who somehow has become a Morganite public enemy), Sister Miriam (who is rightfully a Morganite enemy) and Santiago (who is too much a snob to reply).
                        Disgusted by the lack of response from his pal Yang CEO Blake orders the probe team at O-town to make off with some Hive technology, it transmits the details of Polymorphic Software, but is captured by the hive. CEO Blake orders the rush-construction (48 credits) of a new probe team at O-town and hopes no-one notices that the old one died by his orders.

                        Thusly satisfied that the Morganite empire is ready for a new year CEO Blake hits turn complete.

                        2201: The probe team valiantly fought off both of the mindworm boils, and a third moves up to take there place. The unity rover makes it to MI and should easily win the defense. Meanwhile that wench Santiago has moved the probe team within a couple of tiles of MI, the scout patrol is ordered to greet the spartans, Santiago calls up and demands that I dont give her Genesplicing in exchange for Vendetta, this seems reasonable so I accept and promptly order the scout patrol to destroy the probe team.

                        2202: Rover defends from worm attack, 50% damage.
                        Colony Pod sent off to the Uranium flat, scout escorts.
                        Rushbuy treefarm @ MI.
                        Yang is sending a stack of 3 scouts to attackin O-base.

                        2205: The scout patrol meets the maker on account of a hoarde of wild mindworms!
                        CEO Blake doesn't know how to break the news to the Morganite people, so decides to cover it up.
                        The colony pod turns back... (may be easier to ship it to the flats)
                        Yang sucicides one of his scouts against a synth probe, the other decides that living in a police state is severly overrated, altough it took 73 credits to convince them of that (I could buy 1 and a half probes for that )
                        So, net result, lost one scout patrol, gained another.

                        Meanwhile at BHR a spartan probe has appeared just outside city limits. The local probe team challenges the spartan to a duel - playing video games! The Morganite probe wins easily (20% damaged) and the spartan probe is so ashamed by their loss that they crawl off into the fungus and die.

                        2206: Probe another hive scout patrol, this time commando (I just couldn't resist). Cost 74 credits. Hope the spartans send some discounted army surplus units soon...

                        2207: BOTH MI and BHR go into drone riots. Set 10% pysch (50 econ, 10 pysch, 40 research). We really need the money for my excessive spending on mindcontrol.

                        2208: Cent.Empthay researched, CEO Blake is rather disgusted as this turn of events, wondering what the Morganite researchers at been smoking, netherless he calmed down after they shared. Tried to find ex CEO Diamond to ask what to research next. Couldn't find him. Picked Synth.Fossil.Fuels figuring it'll be stolen from Hive soon anyway.

                        Built RedGuard at O-base, this is a vanilla plasma probe. Yang has missile units, which will probably be too expensive to mind control, but with the perimeter passive defense should be possible. Next build is command centre, need the +2 morale for probes.

                        Two probes drain Yangs coffers of about 100 energy, one probe captured. Reducing the Wealth of the Hiverians will make bribing their units cheaper - bribing them with their own money, too.

                        2208: Rover destroys a mindworm below MI, but comes within attack range of a (badly injured) mindworm, probe moved from MI to between the worm and rover, to cover the rover.

                        2209: Feeling lonely, so ring Brother Lal. He offers a tech trade - Cyberethics for Ind.Auto. Accepted. Another trade, Superconductor for Cent.Empathy. Accepted.
                        Complete a new former (vanilla version) at DH, starting RedGuard.

                        Drain another 50 credits from hive coffers. Try to ring Yang to thank him for his gift but he ignores me. How rude. And to think we used to be best buddies.

                        2210: Unversity starts HSA ( )
                        A spartan... former( ) leads the charge, but nothing in range to probe it.
                        CEO Blake throws some money around to get stuff completed and get back to building probes.
                        Make off with Synth.Fossil.Fuels from hive datalinks (security locks, 75% chance of success, mission success, probe lost).
                        Optical computers not given as a choice, so researching IntInt.
                        (I'm not sure well catch up with Zak in time to get the HSA...)

                        2211: A spartan 5-1-2 moves right up to the outskirts of BHR, which is undefened because I moved the probe to capture the formers! Baited by a spartan wrench, I cant believe it!
                        Move probe back and captured commando Spartan 5-1-2. Try to message Santiago to thank her, but her comm is off, or something.
                        Atleast now we have something with a big gun.

                        2212: Zak starts another couple of HSA's, just in case.

                        2213: Zak completes the HSA , he is effecient.

                        2214: Nothing worthy of mention.

                        2215: Hive moves a Missile rover artillery thingy up to O-base.

                        -- State of things --
                        520 cash in the bank, that should give plenty of mind controlling power - I have a feeling we are gonna need it.
                        12 Commerce - I'm sad to say commerce is lower than my previous term.

                        Lal is being eradicated by Miriam. He is down to two bases. But he is quite well garrisoned in those two bases, can probably hold out.

                        I'm building a landbridge to the flats, why? Because I like landbridges (and the normal route was deemed too dangerous after the loss of the scout patrol)

                        Yangs Missile Battery can be purchased for around 400 credits, or possibly forced to retreat by the scout patrol (1:1 odds). Altough the price is steep, I would reccomend purchasing it because otherwise Yang will be able to bombard our probes down to 1 movement. Not nice. Also Yang will be bringing in more bombard units, so counter-bombard would be extremely valuable (400 credits valuable? thats the next CEO's call)

                        It may also be a good idea to move the spartan (ahem) gatling rover to the hive front, as his units are less easily mind controlled.

                        Oulunsalo is in drone riots -- this was caused by the hive unit moving onto the monolith, reducing the base energy intake by 1, reducing pysch by 1 and inducing the riots. It has not been fixed.

                        So overall altough the infrastructure gains were not spectacular (pretty much limited to tree farms and command centres) the empire is in a stable state - no pressing problems like 3 angry boils at the gates of MI . I've also tried to give the next CEO flexibility, with the large bank account, quite a few probes and the command centers. Long term, the primary danger will be Zak and Miriam, Zak for his tech lead and probe immunity, Miriam because she is overrunning her neighbours and, ahem, probe immunity. Altough atleast we can steal stuff from her. Making Yang a submissive would be an excellent idea, if it can be pulled off, due to his lack of bases he may submit after losing just his HQ (Personally I would have kept Yang friendly, even avoiding democracy, but I understand not all CEO's have such diplomatic tact )
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                          CEO Fromage sits back to his chair and watches what has happened during his holiday. Hive is rushing from the east and Sparta from north.

                          2215 Hive artillery is captured. It may be useful soon.

                          2216 Spartan artillery of bounding my forests in west and I had no other option than to buy it (those things are cheap)¬ī

                          2220-2229 a lot of spartans are attacking. I destroy or buy em all. No problems occured. New unit "Fromage's cheap sea probe" enters service. Those units infiltrate Sparta and Belivers. After that they steal 3 techs from Sparta. All visible Spartan cities have been used, so next probes should be send to Hive/Belivers.

                          2223 Probe foil contacts University. They only want truce and no treaty can be made.

                          2224 Chernobyl is build on uranium flats.

                          2225 University contacts me and asks for treaty. Of course I accept it.

                          2227 Gaians land their units next to Zernobyl and ask unreasonable amounts of techs and money. I decline so they announce vendetta. They get angry and destroy one square of forest.

                          2229 I talk to Gaians again. It costs two tech to get truce and just after that I pay 300 to get treaty. It was expensive, but we get nice amounts of trade from it.

                          2230 Two Hive infantries are trying to get through. Next CEO can handle it.


                          All the time Hive and Spartans tried to attack. There were no real problems, but I noticed couple of useful things:
                          - Artillery is effective against other artilleries if it is on higher place. Commando artillery on mount planet has destroyed many hive units.
                          - We must remove ALL military units from the cities expect probes. If there is artillery and 3x plasma probes in city and eneny inf is attacking, it attacks the artillery, kills it and all the probe defenders will be destroyed. If I remove the artillery from the city, plasma probes can easily kill the attacker.
                          - Spartans are cheap to buy. I bought couple of those and we have enough defence in west.

                          We got the new tech for hebrid forests and every city is building those. Expect new Zernobyl and some other city who is concentrating on secret project (astetic virtues, but you can chance that if there is better).

                          Belivers overrun our ally PK. They are completely wiped out. We got treaty with University/Gaians and we get pretty good trade from it after we got two new economics techs. We are at war with Belivers, Hive and Sparta.

                          BTW. I didn't know that there are discussion in:
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                            Population: 38
                            Income: 73/turn
                            Commerce rate: 8
                            Commerce income: 15 /turn
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                              CEO JD 'Trip's' Muller - Report to MI Board of Directors for period - MY2230 - MY2240

                              -"What are you doing with that needle Ace?", asks ex CEO Muller II; "Isn't that the cryocapsule with CEO Fromage in it? You're not giving him a shot, are you? Are you crazy? What's it going to do to him????"
                              -"Shut up Deuce!", replies Diamond (the first) with a funny sort of smile, the gems in his front teeth flashing like comm-lasers, "I'm giving the Cheesehead a shot of nanogenes extracted from that blob of Lal's stem cells we've got downstairs - it's supposed to be the sequence for the empathy stimulators. I've already given him the retroreceptors, so I've got to concentrate. Didn't you see what he left us with - what the hell does he think Trips is going to do for his 10 years, play with his double earrings? - the Freakin' Fondue has us building Hybrid Forests all over the place. If that isn't enough, there's an SP in the works too; no flexibility, no executive decisions for Trips to make; he's got to get some real-world experience before, er, ..., you know. Meanwhile, the CheddarChin needs to feel for his successors a little more, to think about how he'd feel if his predecessor booked up all the production for his whole term.
                              -"With a dose like that Ace, you'll have him laughing and crying his whole next term", said Deuce dryly.
                              -"Oh they're not all Lal's touchy feely stuff, don't worry - this one's full of the expressor triggers for Yang-testosterone; maybe the military stuff will be more under control next time with this one" Ace says, laughing, "... and this one (chuckling, brandishing another large injectowand) ... it's to put a bit of Spartan values into him, you know, decent troops, discipline and all ... and while we're at it maybe a more Spartan lifestyle, so there's plenty of money in the till for us next time, ha ha ha ha ha", then suddenly, angrily, smashing right through the Earth-imported mahogony table with a violent karate chop, shouting: "at least enough to bribe a single effen Yang unit, that *(^&$$%!**".
                              -"Calm down Ace, that's real harsh dude, maybe we can undo some of those production orders, and for all you know, those Hybrid Forests are a good idea anyway - you'd think that all those years you've been spending with Dee would give you a taste for dancing in the trees and all. Yeah, Ace of Diamonds the treehugger, ha ha ha ha ha. But seriously Ace, what if you make him so tough he'll just take over and never wake us up again."
                              -"Sure Deuce, as if we're really going to be sleeping in those icecubbies, but thanks for reminding me, ... , Dee, that's right, I've got another one here - give the Cheesecake this shot too - before you bring Trips up from downstairs and fill him in on whats happening and what he needs to do in his term while we go back to party central with the Dee's - this wand's got a another taste of Dee in it, leftover from the one we made for brother Trips, to make sure that the Cheeseman keeps on loving us even if he figures out what we did."
                              . . . . (Later that year, the scene is CEO Trips and the treehugger lobby)
                              -"Look, you huggers," says CEO Trips, "it looks to me like we're building all these Goodfacs and maybe we haven't even had our first >pop< yet. Here, watch this, we have 17 mins production at DH with no ED and 6 ED if we go up to 18; the same at MI and ZVII, they look to have a clean mineral limit of 17."
                              -"Well wouldn't it be 16 if we hadn't had any >pops -"Good for making paper maybe, or to keep that fireplace over there looking pretty, but man - do you see how much they cost? What do you think I'm made of anyway, money?"
                              -"er, . . . " says hugger#2, smiling, "that's what everybody says, anyway."
                              -"Well I can see some people who aren't paying enough taxes, that's for sure - " says the CEO sternly, his face reddening somewhat, " - or maybe its just the effect of the tree farms taking off that 50% - the tree farms, by the way, at least 4 of which were built before any >pops< if indeed there was a >pop<. I know we don't really give a flying fish about ED, but if we're going to build these damn things anyway, we might as well get our money's worth out of them, not like 80% or more of those effen Tree Farms - our clean mineral limit ought to have been at least 21 with 5 TFs, not effen 17 - SOMEBODY THROW THESE HIPPIE THROWBACKS OUTA HERE!!!!!"

                              We switched out of HFs at BHR and O as a halfway measure - switching was free in those bases anyway.

                              We seem to have 5 formers - did we probe one away from the AI - did we add another human player - or do we have one too many? There was this comment from ZakVII in his conclusion - We are short one Former...perhaps Blake's Holiday Resort could provide that, since it is finishing its Network Node soon? - did something happen to one of ours?

                              -(meanwhile, in the back room) "What do you think you are you doing Trips?", says Deuce wearily, as he steps out of the elevator, "Why so dressed up fancy and all? I thought Dee Three went for the wild and rugged look."
                              -"Don't be silly, I need to look good for the cameras; I'm proclaiming the state religion. What do you think about this funny red hat? is it too much? Do you think Sister M will like it?"
                              -"You're too much, Trips; I don't know how you do it; you must have given yourself one of those retroDNA boosts Ace is always using to have so much energy. Maybe too much, considering this plan you're hatching."

                              Switch to fundie.

                              -So, we lost the probe that was left hanging out to dry up north and things don't look great at Oulunsalo, what with 4 of Yang's bad boys and us without enough bread to butter them with; bringing one of Santi's Gatling Rovers over there to help (will need to get healed on the way) Bringing additional artie and a unity rover east as well as last gasp defense. Put a defender (probe) in the fungus outside 'O" to draw Yangs fire and maybe fritter away some of his strength.
                              -Deirdre called an election (her and Sister M were running) - we were the swing vote, but neither of them choose to bribe us so we just voted for Dee (Miriam would have won otherwise). She did give us 2 units at Zernobyl; they are pretty useless green/verygreen 4-2-1's, costing us 2 mins/turn to support, perhaps cannon fodder or just turn them in for production mins (disbanded one to finish Rec Comm, thinking of using the other as a suicide bomber). Interesting, 3 of Yang's invasion force are strung out in a line away from the hive exhibiting the sliding scale of subversion costs - 467, 390. 335. The probe survived attack; moved it to monolith to heal and really get creamed next turn; moved another probe to the fungus on the O shoreline to take its licks. Yang replaced the dead unit with an attack rover - good thing we've been building an ECM probe defender at O. On the Santi front, we probed another of her (infantry) units (5-3-1).
                              -Even Professor Zak wants to repeal the charter! Dee is steadfast though and vetoes it. Well, Yangs plane got one of our arties (our more experienced one, unfortunately), and he took out the probe at the monolith at some cost, but he lost another unit to us attacking the probe in the fungus. Our Faithful Unity Rover gave up its life to further weaken the attack force. Yang now occupies the monolith with a rover and an infantry unit or 2 (some damaged) and has another unit kicking around below. We have a bunch of probes inside (including the new elite (ecm) Blackguard) and a probe still in the fungus below and a few junkers lurking around (a scout and artie).
                              -Really Big shootout at O (renamed Oulunsolo Rover Shrine); we miraculously (because of the strong faith and prayers of our pious leader CEO Trips) held on due in part to Yang wasting one of his attacks on the probe in the adjacent fungus plot instead of using them all on O. Key battle took the Blackguard down to 90% wounded. Yang still has one last unit in play, now moved up to the monolith (which we now probe away (@ec335)). We'll park it in the rocky fungus somewhere to draw fire and hopefully prevail in whatever battles at the same time. Were going to infiltrate Zak, but he had a probe in Budushil base (10:9) and we decided to sail on in hopes of easier pickens (good thing, I now notice that he has the H-S algorithm I don't know where it was hiding when I looked at the F5 screen - could he just have gotten it? -could there be a bug if there are exactly screen +1 entries there?). Gaians beat us to the Ascetic Virtues (only the PTS available at the moment; I guess we'll continue that boondoggle throwing more good production after bad, in the hopes of getting something out of it eventually). It would have been nice to be able to make more sea probes there.
                              -Yang lost a couple of more bases to Miriam, but still won't talk to us - Neither will Miriam; what did you guys do to them to make them so friendly? Speaking of friendly, Santi came over to denounce us - probed her unity rover cause it was elite (turned into only hardened when it became ours).
                              -Got a definite >POP< - can put my >pop< tirade on hold now (this one must have been the first or second >pop< as no native life came along with it - the narrative goes 'Ever since the incident in the gene therapy tank, . . . .' if anyone can tell from that). Miriam has Yang down to only 2 bases now, but still neither of them will talk to us. If we survive the current period, we have to get more aggressive (and less builder).
                              -Damn, Yang's airforce took out my (personal) Sea Former just before it would have finished the tidal harness; I guess I'll start another one at Blakes place if Santi's tempo permits (it didn't, stuck it in the queue where it will probably rot); otherwise it owes me one (there is still the potentially extra former out there - I think that two of them are someone else's though). What's Yang doing wasting his planes on us anyway when Miriam is eating him up? Trying to sneak a probe up to the Hive (he's got another plane in there unfortunately). On the other front, Santi is coming up again with a rover/probe combo - bad distances for us, she may get the first shot.
                              -Grrr, Santi barely beats up our infantry defender; we'll get her back either probed or killed, but it was nice having a dual purpose guy there at the northern monolith. Yang really does waste his plane taking out our probe; well it was worth a try to get by him. Encountered Miriam convoy at (61,41) - escorted transport - too bad it wasn't a lone ship we could have probed; hope we don't have to pay the price for Fromage's "cost-effective" (i.e. Cheap, no defense) probe design. There's also a Dierdre transport at (57,43), which we see after retreating into the fungus, using up our move. Maybe its a clue that DeeLand is to the south.
                              -Yes we did pay the price for cheapskate probeship design - losing our probeship even when defending in the fungus against a mediocre Believer boat. Finally finished a Hybrid Forest (at MI), now we can produce more food than we can eat at our maximum population at MI - it's sort of fitting that we, as Morgan, throw away all that gourmet food.
                              -A new bunch of Santi units up north; killed one, probed another, but looks like our probe is going to be left high and dry to bite the dust next turn. Have another probe moving up there, but a few turns away; will need to duke or chicken it out conventionally for a bit.

                              Population: 40
                              Techs: 29 (1 per 12 years)
                              SP: 1
                              Cash on hand: 528
                              Trade: 32
                              Income: 182
                              Expenses: 77
                              Net: 105
                              Friends: 2
                              Truce: 0
                              Enemies: 3 (soon to be 2)

                              -I feel lucky to be retiring without losing any bases; we might be a little stronger than when I took over, but we sure didn't make particular progress toward winning the game. We did finish 1 HF (grrr) and 1 other will finish next turn or the one after, depending on whether or not it is rushed. As for the Ascetic Virtues, it is not better late than never, just not. I don't think any techs were discovered during my tenure, but 1 is coming up next turn (Applied Relativity, isn't that exciting). I've been building a lot of probes (with decent strength as defenders), it is more or less time to build some for aggressive action (i.e. rover platform), preferably with some defensive punch as well so they are not target practice - a good elite plasma armor dude can stand up to a reasonable amount, especially if in fungus or rocks (although the rocks are not a good way to make time on the ground). I scheduled a bunch of stuff at BHR, just suggestions of course. I refrained from scheduling any more HFs, although the >pop< has been >popped<, so it is definitely safe (and the ED is rather high at MI at the moment - you might want to cut back a little on the mins and/or use specialists there if you don't feel like worm hunting and repetitive reforming). Good luck on the military front. Miriam has a real hoarde somewhere (a few turns ago, Social Engineering Den had at least a dozen troops; now they are presumably involved with finishing off Yang); her units ought to be much cheaper to buy than Yangs, however. The big unfortunately is that she will be here very soon. Santi is not too bad, 1 or two units a turn at an affordable price. Watch out for probing across the border, if you end up with units there, there will be p-drones at DHR. There is also a fairly high support cost at DHR at the moment. Zak, you might want to consider rushing the probes at either or both ORS and DHR before hitting turn complete to get to the next item and/or your own choice of build.
                              -On the good news side, Zernobyl is a brightly shining new star rising in the south.
                              -Somewhere along the line, the trade pact was defeated 3-3; maybe without Yang it will pass.
                              -We are in the lead in Wealth and appear to be in 4th place in the power chart (ahead of Santi -by a little -and Yang).
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