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  • Turns of Red planet

    This is the turn reporting thread for Red planet. Please post a message here after you have played your turn.

    Here are the players and addresses:
    Gaia - Bburnsis -
    Hive - Phobos -
    Univ - smhfan86 -
    Morgan - Fromage -
    Sparta - GeneralTacticus -
    Beliv - Claw -
    PK - knowhow2 -

    Good luck everyone!
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    SMAC Red Planet Game Start

    Welcome to Red Planet, a game created by Krysia's Krusader.

    First base established. All factions start with 2 colony pods + 2 scout patrol.
    ( Sparta, 1 recon rover + 1 scout patrol )

    Level: Librarian
    All victory conditions enabled.
    Do or Die: Enabled
    Directed Research.
    No Unity Survey.
    Random Events: Enabled
    Random Scattering of Unity pods: Enabled
    Map Size: Huge

    Edit: Initial Base founded on forest square (You all managed to bring a couple of trees with you.).

    Passwords mailed individually.

    Problems and / or questions can be mailed to here

    Have fun and good gaming !
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    This is what it means to be a Spartan. It's not the killing or the suffering that matters. It's the purity of focus, without fear of death or pain.


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      2102 to Phobos.

      Thanks KK, good luck everyone!
      Play hangman.


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        2102 to smhfan86

        Good Luck guys!
        A land where the trees looks like big soundsystems, the flowers seemed to become ravers and the air smells like happiness!!!


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          02 to fromage.

          we're playing by tourney rules right?


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            2102 to Spartans.


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              Actually you're supposed to mail to me first, Fromage.
              "I wake. I work. I sleep. I die. The dark of space my only sky. My life is passed, and all I've been will never touch the earth again." --The Ballad of Sky Farm 3, Anonymous, Datalinks


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                2102 to Brother Madrin.


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                  Originally posted by Marid Audran
                  Actually you're supposed to mail to me first, Fromage.
                  Spartans are after me. That list in my first post was just in wrong order. I just fixed it.

                  Smhfan... "tourney rules"? Hmm. I haven't ever played with those.

                  In KrysiasKrusader's post are the basic rules. The rest you can find from my post in:


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                    Oh, sorry about that. 2102 to Commisioner Knowhow, then.
                    "I wake. I work. I sleep. I die. The dark of space my only sky. My life is passed, and all I've been will never touch the earth again." --The Ballad of Sky Farm 3, Anonymous, Datalinks


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                      Here are the rules plz read, and if you're uncertain about something, feel free to ask, so we're all playing with the same rules and understanding:

                      PBEM specific rules/restrictions on exploiting bugs (latest changes in italics):
                      Multiple reloading of the game to try for different effects is forbidden. If a reload is necessary because of a game crash etc., an explanation should be posted to the turn administration thread.

                      Multiple drops or orbital insertions using the right-click menu is forbidden. So is airdropping from outside a base/airbase, or after having moved (except on a magtube) using the same method. Using the 'i' key when you want an airdrop means you will automatically comply with these restrictions.

                      Inserting Stockpile Energy into the build queue after a military unit is forbidden.

                      If a player employs a tactic that causes a state of vendetta, they are not allowed to "accept" a pending diplomatic agreement with that faction in the same turn, causing a change in diplomatic status or the transfer of energy or knowledge.

                      If an aggressive probe action (anything except infiltration) is used on a faction you have a truce, treaty or pact with, you must select 'Declare Vendetta' in the dialog box that appears afterwards, and notify the victim of your transgression, unless you have received permission in advance. No notification is required in other cases.

                      Upgrading units with the design workshop is allowed at end of turn only. However, supply crawlers upgraded in this fashion can still be used to advance Secret Projects in the same turn.

                      Communications only allowed between factions that have obtained each others' commlink frequencies in-game.

                      Social engineering choice limited to one switch per line per turn. (no flip-flop within turn!)

                      Psi units cannot be assigned multiple point patrol routes (avoid instant demon boil bug!)

                      Whenever the planetary council is called, the caller (or the first player to vote if the AI calls it) should post a notification to the thread, including vote totals (if applicable) and who has already voted for what. The other players should post how they vote.

                      No base trading with the AI. Extortion is allowed.


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                        Well we signed up for a game with these rules, and I for one don't like changing them half way through the game...

                        Game conditions are:

                        all winning conditions - yes
                        do or die - yes
                        look first - no
                        tech stagnation - no
                        spoils of war - no
                        directed research - yes
                        no unity survey
                        random scattering of Unity pods
                        Random events - yes

                        Suggested play rules:
                        • Communications - no communications before contact
                        • Retro-engineering - OK, except for using the probe rover chassis before discovering Doc. Mobility
                        • SE switches "quickies" forbidden - (obviously you can experiment to see what effect various SE choices have, but cannot change, play moves, then change back in the same turn)
                        • Council notification - immediate broadcast to all players (Post in the thread and e-mail in advance to all by player who anticipates calling the elections, citing candidates and votes. After each player's turn, post in the thread the running totals)
                        • Stockpiling in Qs anytime - OK
                        • Crawlers Upgrade anytime - OK
                        • Probe actions: Must choose vendetta option when probing other players, rebuke if a pactmate
                        • Cannot use the right click feature for multiple drop moves to extend range (ie limited to 8 tiles unless owning the Space Elevator SP)
                        • Cannot use the 'set waypoint' feature for automatic worm hunting/lifecycle enhancements
                        • Must 'Accept' or 'Decline' an offered Pact or Treaty that the other player has indicated 'Accepted' before exiting the diplo box and playing the turn (i.e. no accepting pending treaties/pacts *after* declaring vendetta in the same turn )
                        • Cannot use the F4 feature (or the bases feature of the F2 screen) to change an infiltrated faction's workers to specialists
                        I think the main difference is the stockpile in queue's, where the bug is allowed to be exploited in these rules where it is not in the competition rules.

                        But there again, I'm willing to go with the majority.
                        Play hangman.


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                          really? I can't remember. I'm fine with staying with the current rules, if that's what they were.


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                            They're the rules that Fromage posted in this thread...
                            Play hangman.


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                              woops, missed that post. sorry about the confusion.

                              p.s. what's retro-engineering, and when can u use it?
                              also, do we need to notify victims if we steal a tech from them? or do we just declare vendetta?