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    Hello all,

    I'm new here. I'd love to get involved in some PBEM of SMAC. I bought the game when it came out. I play a quick tiny planet at transcend level (basically getting my a** handed to me) every once awhile. Even won a few games at that level, but few and far in between. can I get some information about getting involved.

    Thanks for any info.

    Ted (TreeBeard)

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    Hi TreeBeard,
    welcome aboard! Basically, posting here is a good way to start. For various reason people will drop out of games from time to time (thats how I've picked up most of my games - taking over for others who couldn't continue to play, for whatever reason). Also, here is another location for posting to start new SMAC/ SMAX games:

    Just sign up and you'll recieve updates as to games forming up.

    Look forward to meeting you on Planet sometime!


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      The other method rather than waiting for a game to start is to try to start one yourself. Just post a " new game starting, players needed " thread in this forum specifying what you are looking for in the way of settings, number of players etc ( 4 is good, more tends to move slowly). Being specific on the settings you plan to use does away with a a lengthy discussion on that matter and prevents attracting players who want totally incompatible ones

      These invariably seem to fill up in a short while and then its a matter of leaving yourself to the random map generator or getting some type of map from someone.

      have fun and enjoy
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        Thanks for the tips guys. Since I'm new to Smac PBEM I think I'll search for a game first.


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          Heah TreeBeard,
          here's the thread for ASPK:

          And here's the thread for ASPK2:

          Both are still available as of this posting, if your interested.