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Turns of AXT054, fourth thread

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  • Turns of AXT054, fourth thread

    This is the new turn-tracking thread for Apolyton Tournament Game AXT054.

    The old thread can be found here.

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    2270 to NS.


    Newsvid distributed to all satellite feeds on Chiron:

    "Queue the off-screen announcer, in 3..2..and:"

    Greetings all citizens of Planet. Tonight we bring you an important message from Chairman Sheng-ji Yang, leader of The Human Hive:

    "My fellow citizens of Chiron, there have been many urgent developments in the past few years. We are still rather alarmed at the rapid eradication of the Cybernetic Consciousness and all of their people at the hands of Provost Zakharov and his followers.

    It is in response to the tremendous military force of the University of Planet that we must defend ourselves if we are to survive. We have previously liberated three former Cybernetic cities from the clutches of the University and tonight we were forced to capture the city of Glow to remove all threat of University aggression in the former Cyborg homelands. It was a long and pitched battle. Provost Zakharov has trained his legions well, because we lost many good and able forces in the capture of Glow.

    Now, the former Cybernetic island rests safely in Hive hands and its citizens sleep a little sounder tonight.

    We must also announce the launching of Operation Comfort Zone. Tonight, Hive forces launched an attack on the University's mainland. Only military and espionage units were targeted. The Hive have no current plans, unless provoked, to seize any University cities. However, after the swift and brutal annihilation of the Cyborgs, it is incumbent upon us not to allow the University to amass a sizeable attack force again.

    As a show of our intentions, Provost Zakharov will notice that he has two major cities empty of any defenses. As Foreman Domai of the Free Drones can attest, we easily could have captured those bases this turn, but chose not to. As long as Zak shows contentment to stay on his island and does not try to advance more units of war off his island, we are willing to see how relations shape up over the next few years.

    In related news, Foreman Domai has offered a truce. We have accepted his truce, with the strict understanding that any show of military force in his base north of our home island, by either him or his pactbrother Zakharov, will be considered an act of war.

    I pray that everyone has a good evening and a good future on Chiron. As your Chairman, I intend to keep you safe."


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      Turn to Sl3. *seething*


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        turn 2171 to Q.

        The University would rather die than to submit to the Hive. Do your worst, we are preparing our defenses and will defend to the last base.



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          Ah, so it is to be a clash of ideologies. We shall see which will prevail, the will of the people or the wonders of the laboratory. A noble quest for both factions.

          2171 to NS.


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            Turn to Shadowlord.


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              2272 to Q.


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                turn to sl.


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                  2273 to Q.


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                    30 second turns. How... boring, heh.

                    Turn to Cliff.


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                      turn to SL


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                        2275 to Q.


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                          2275 to Shadowlord.

                          Yipee! Actually got to move something this turn! Yay!


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                            Turn to Q.


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                              Turn to SL3.