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  • SMAC Multiplayer Matchmaker Service

    (the original post got lost in the forum move I think)
    I have posted this a while ago on the AC-General forum, but since the script had been upgraded numerous times since, here's an update...
    There is a SMAC Matchmaker Service available at the Civilization Guild. To acces it, enter the Forums. Currently it sports the following:
    • Detailed player profiles
    • PBEM and TCP/IP game management, including detailed game profiles.
    • Announce-by-Mail feature (whenever a game is created, all those potentially interested will be notified).
    • Sort-anyway-you-like player list.
    • Search for players by GMT zone and Country.
    • Automatic turn trackers.

    Here's what's to come:
    • Live chat.
    • Automatic queueing.
    • Teams/Clans
    • (possibly) Ladders

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask (but see the FAQ first ).

    Happy SMACing!
    I love the tick of the Geiger counter in the morning. It's the sound of... victory! :D
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