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Builder-Momentum Team Series: #3

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  • Builder-Momentum Team Series: #3

    G = WhiteElephants =
    H = Viriato =
    U = AI
    M = AI
    S = Qantaga =
    B = AI
    P = theohall =

    G + H versus P + S (Builder and Momentum players, respectively!)

    3 each of pods/scouts/formers for each human. (Sparta gets 1 rover
    instead of a scout, as usual). Some forest and 4 of each unit for the AI.

    Each faction gets an extra 100 EC to accelerate development a bit.

    Since contact is allowed, I gave the AI factions the other AI factions ommlink frequencies to be fair to them. (All 3 are in contact with each other and probably conspiring behind your back!)

    Player rules:

    Contact between the 2 team members permitted from day one.
    Use of stockpile energy permitted.
    DW upgrades at end of turn only.
    (Basically standard Apolyton tourny rules, with the exception of stockpile energy)


    Victory is the primary indicator, but AC score is the tie-breaker.

    The games will not be rated.

    2101 to White Elephants. Everyone has their requested passwords.

    May the best team win!


    (posted on behalf of DiDad by Qantaga)

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    I would like to offer my thanks to DiDad for setting up this game and for serving as CMN. I am very intrigued by both his setup and the map.

    I am a newcomer to Apolyton (although I have been playing SMAC PBEM games for a few months at another site) and I am very impressed with the community that has been built here. This is my first Apolyton game and I am looking forward to many more games in the future.

    Best of luck to everyone.

    2101 is off to Brother Theo.


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      Hello all! Turn turned to Viriato.

      (I don't often post in turn threads as my home internet connection is rather slow).


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        You came to the right place Qantaga. Apolyton is the most active forum when it comes to PBEM games.

        Does anybody know what kind of map is this?

        M.Y. 2102 sent to Qantaga.


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          Thanks for starting this thread for me!

          Viriato, see BM01 thread for details. This is the Ultimate Builder Map. Download it and play some games on it to familiarize yourself. It is based on Huge Map of Planet.

          There is only one difference from BM01. I forgot to select "Bell Curve" so random events are on. These are usually minor benefits or banes and rarely affect outcome. (I personally have never seen an asteroid strike!)
          Creator of the Ultimate Builder Map, based on the Huge Map of Planet, available at The Chironian Guild:


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            Wow, DilithiumDad, what a great map you have created. I am very impressed already and I have only seen a very small portion of the map. I have downloaded the map and will practice some on it.

            2102 sent to theohall.


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              2103 off to WE


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                M.Y. 2103 sent to Qantaga.

                I don't like the random events very much but I can live with them.
                I also like the map, but it's a bit bigger than I expected.


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                  M.Y. 2103 sent to theohall.


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                    2104 sent to WE


                    • #11
                      M.Y. 2104 sent to Qantaga.


                      • #12
                        2104 on its way to the Peacekeepers.


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                          2105 to the Gaians


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                            M.Y. 2105 sent to Qantaga.


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                              M.Y. 2105 to theohall