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turns of AXT001 Apolyton SMAX tournament

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  • turns of AXT001 Apolyton SMAX tournament

    The players of this game:

    Please, read and obey the rules posted on the thread Apolyton 2000 Alpha Centauri PBEM Tournament

    You should post turn administration/notification messages below.

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    From: Foreman Domai
    To: The Workers Union, ALL

    My friends we have landed safely on this harsh alien world. You have asked me to lead our small gathering of laborers, workers and friends and I will do my best.

    It appears that we have landed on an uninhabited island. We have established a base of operations near the center and I have sent out some forward scouts to explore the rest of our new isle home.

    Some people have reported attacks from some sort of native life form. The attacks have been centered near the redish patches of growth that look like fungus. Be advised that caution should be used when near such locations.

    I will keep you all informed of the activities of our new union. That is all, Foreman Domai out.

    Turn 1 completed, sent to Tau Ceti.

    On a technical note, I am having a problem with my flags. My flag color is black and the activity note inside the flag is also black, so I cannot see what my units are doing. (Normally, a former building a road would have an 'R' inside the shield, but I cannot see it - black text on black background). Anyone know any solutions?


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      Turn sent on to Decx. (That sounds very boring after the previous post. Oh well, I will see if I get the inspiration to write something for later turns.)

      Kinjiru, I suspect you got the Spartan architecture and other faction graphics as well? The problem is BugID#0105; when you play a SMACX scenario, the game will use the graphics of the factions that are currently listed in your Alpha Centauri.ini file. (Only the Spartan graphics have the black-on-black problem as far as I know.) There is some more info on this in the main tournament thread (the "looking for players" one) in zsozso's post on page 2, including three possible workarounds.

      Now, I would like Decx' and your opinions on whether we should send an .ini around (guarantees the correct faction graphics, but will overwrite and replace current rules), or if we should just leave it to the players. Please post here what you think.

      One more thing: the in-game preferences are game-specific, so any changes made there are passed on to the other players as well. Could we at least leave the "Always investigate monoliths" option off? I often do not want that, and it is only one extra click if you want to.


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        I would prefer not to send around an .ini, simply because I am involved in several different concurrent games. If I end up needing to track which .ini to load with which game, I will lose my mind!

        As to setting in-game prefs, I am fine with that. I usually turn "always investigate monoliths" off myself also. Further, I would like to also set "air units return home when out of fuel" to off as well, if you are both inclinded. Regardless of what we go with, it would probably be safe to check the settings for the first few turns anyway...


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          Hey Guys,

          I am having a problem with the save file for turn 2. When I open it up, the game prompts me for Tau Ceti's password. It looks like I got skipped, or got the wrong file. Kris, could you have possibly sent me the wrong save file? If you could resend a zipped copy that would be great!



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            Still no reply from Decx?


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              Not as of yet... *sigh*


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                So, is this game effectively over? I have not heard back still and we are apparently dead in the water.


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                  Decx posted a day or two ago in the AC-General forum and mentioned that he wondered where his PBEM game was now... Has anyone tried emailing him?


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                    Unless something happens very soon this game should be declared officially dead.


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                      Okay, got an email from Decx. Hopefully he will resend the last turn and we can move on. And now he should know about this thread as well.


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                        We are back on track. 2103 to Decx.


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                          2104 to Decx.


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                            2106 to Decx.


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                              2107 to Decx. This game is really proceeding at a glacial pace - lately I have been getting one turn every 6 days. Would it be possible to speed it up a little?