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How does one get into a PBeM-game?

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  • How does one get into a PBeM-game?

    I would very much like to get involved in a PBeM-game of SMAC. How does one find out about when one is looking for player?

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      Was at that site a week ago or so, registred an id and started looking around, but gave up after it crashed Netscape for me 3 times in a row.

      Oh well... guess I'll just have to try again!


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        Ok, have been there again (and experienced yet another browser crash)... but I think I requested a place in a game now

        I still doesn't show up in the player list - presumably because I'm not actually playing a game yet.

        Also, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY get irritated when reading "If your browser is not configured correctly, you can still email the game owner, [...]"! My browser is very well and correctly configured - I want to use it to browse the web, NOT to send email... I prefer using a mail-program (Pine is my personal choice) for sending and receiving email, not a clumsy, graphical browser interface... Oh well, not a big deal, but that arrogant attitude (presuming that I use my browser as mail program!!!...) taken together with the site's tendency to crash really does tend to give me quite a bad first (or second, or whatever) impression of that site. Isn't there PBeM-games being arranged anywhere else?


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          There's been some system problems at ACOL lately, which explains why you were not listed on the player's roster.

          As far as system crashes go, I've never experienced any, and I've been on ACOL since May... (IE 4)