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  • Newhon2 - Radio Traffic

    The Unity Central Computer communications system was not completely destroyed. It remains in orbit, but cannot transmit to the humans struggling on the planet below.

    Following are selected radio intercepts from various factions.

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    Spring 2130
    For Instant Release to GaiaNet
    From: Lord Druid, SubGod and Acting Leader, Children of Gaia

    Attention Children of Gaia!

    As you know, our beloved Goddess Deidre, has been in EcoTrance since we entered orbit around this planet. She emerged only once, to briefly point to a landing spot on the map where we might flourish in Ecopeace, muttering something about worms. We, of course, offered her a plate of the juciest night crawlers from our onboard bio-farm, but she had returned to EcoTrance. We learned after planetfall, of course, that she was trying to tell us of the native lifeforms.

    She remains in EcoTrance to this day. Until our beloved DeDe returns to us, we must carry on as best we can. As Acting Leader and SubGod, I implore you to work hard in the fields to generate food for our Family, to work smart in the research labs to help us understand this new world, and to get busy in the procreation lounges to expand our numbers.

    We note with pride that our numbers have grown significantly in the few years since planetfall -the dual suns seem to have shortened the human gestation period- , that our labs are producing at unprecedented rates, and that there have been no instances of attempted crossbreeding with the native life forms.

    Standing orders remain in effect: report all contact with ANY life form -human or native- to GNetCentral, keep your weapons always at hand, and remember to sort the green bottles from the brown ones when you recycle.

    --- Druid
    [transmission ends]


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      Canonical directive 147:

      The Chosen are hereby instructed to go forth and expel the spawn of the Evil One infesting the Lord's compound and surrounding lands. Caution is to be exercised when approaching their fungal lairs, but our resolve must never waver.


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        (weak transmission from unknown location)

        Voice1: ...worms... 80-90% casualties!
        Voice2: That is within acceptable parameters...


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          {*static*} .. to Batallion Control..
          We opened UPod 9621. It was infested with a whole mess of little bugs.
          Following orders, we left, but the durn li'l thangs followed us up the road. Need a XenoGeek from the labs to take over this WormPuppy.. Durn cute li'l fella isnt he, Harry?



          Batallion .. GammaSector Scout here. Harry's head is mush, his eyes are leaking out. Damn worms ate him. And it's following ME now..

          Get that XenoGeek from Bio OUT HERE FAST.
          [Gamma Out]


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            I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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              I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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                I took the liberty of moving this to the Firaxis Multiplayer forum a while back since there are more stories there...