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The Wild & Wooly World of Newhon bby MoSe Productions

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  • The Wild & Wooly World of Newhon bby MoSe Productions

    Welcome to Newhon a Planet just wacky enough to be called home by

    Zeebo the Aussie Gaian
    JAMiAM the No CAL Chairman of the Hive
    CousLee the ever so composed, but still able to kick you in the shorts Provost
    and Goob the beyond his ability to describe himself Colonel of the Spartans, who was recently heard saying " a child I dreamed of being a tough and beautiful Hispanic woman leading my troops to victory on a far away and alien planet..."

    Hey everybody has to have their dreams. So if you are interested foolow their adventures. And what lacks in grand military strategy will be made up 20 fold by bluster and bravado, with a little sexual innuendo.

    Colonel Goob
    *** The Scent of the Leather ***

    Shoot you can't edit thread titles...

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    I be a Civer now...

    Give me the keys to the kingdom!



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      Hey Goob, is this the thread where we build up to 30 posts in order to get out of the "junior" status? Actually, I'm having problems posting on the Firaxis SMAC forums. It doesn't seem to be recognizing my password or my home email address. Recognizes my user name as being registered though. After 200 posts I darned well know my password by heart. It ain't me fellas.

      Mark G,

      Sorry if this is horribly off-topic, I've sent an email to the webmaster at Firaxis and am waiting a reply. Just thought I'd post somewhere, about something.



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        It has been five or six years now since that fateful day my unit came across that dimensional gate and flung us halfway across the world. We were able to find a unity pod that had some enrgy credits in it, and then we spent three years fighting our way through impenetrable fungus. We have crossed an isthmus now and entered into a very rocky region. My fellow scouts are depressed, but resigned to there duty. We are trying to get back to our home territory. I wish that Cpl. Banks had been able to join us on the mission, she was a real looker, and would have made this lonesome journey far more enjoyable. Fortunately we have not been plagued by mindworms so far, but that could easily change tomorrow. By our best estimates, based on our current progress and if we don't encounter water or impenetrable fungus it should take us slightly over 15 years to get back to Sparta Command.

        We shall make it, WE ARE SPARTANS, RAH!


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          I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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            I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)