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EREWHON turns - part 2

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  • EREWHON turns - part 2

    posted May 04, 1999 13:34
    Erewhon challenge has begun.
    In MY 2130 the first turn was sent to Lord Zod of the Gaians,
    Tuesday May 4th at 17:54 GMT.
    CMN Ace
    I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)

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    Fat CEO's turn sent to peaceful Brother Darkstar.



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      Turn 2143 Sent to Lord Zod.

      Congrats to the King of Population...

      (Knight Errant Of Spam)


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        Turn Complete

        all the more for you to slaughter, eh, butcher boy!

        Lord of SMAC,
        SMACGOD PRIME, and


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          Jimmy is green and mean.
          Aredhran is free market and, ah, obese ?
          (rhyme, or be eaten)

          anyhow, his turn


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            > Jimmy is green and mean.
            > Aredhran is free market and, ah, obese ?
            Gimme a break, if you please
            I'm not that fat, more like lean !

            (I know, it's bad poetry, but I've never been really good at that stuff, and it gets even worse in a foreign language)


            PS: Will take turn tonight

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              Turn recieved.
              Turn sent to Lord Zod.

              By the way... I only recieved a combat report or 1 Unit Won, 0 Units Lost. I was attacked, but by who or how, I don't know. Did any of you Rover rush one of my units? Fungus Attack? I have asked Mose to let me know what it was (if possible). But since I wasn't NOTIFIED of WHO or able to see a combat replay... To the other newbies in PBEM... this could have serious implications in tactical considerations. Humm...

              (Knight Errant Of Spam)


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                Darkstar, I received your e-mail but the turn was not attached.


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                  Dale & Mario !
                  please make sure my turns are played till Monday - gotta party !


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                    Turn Complete and sent to MariOne. I do not know if he will receive it in time. This is because I don't do time zones. It makes my head hurt.


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                      Contrary to my e-mail to you, I have confirmed your problem with combat reports. Sometimes you get a report, sometimes you do not. This sucks. &)$#^**(^^*

                      Anyway, if my attempt to catch MariOne b4 he leaves work is unsucessful, should we get someone else to play for FLO? Don't worry about the password...otherwise we lose the weekend.


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                        Sir Jimmy of the StepChildren...

                        If MoSe can't play until Monday, then I say let's wait and let Flo take his own turn. I know that isn't what you want to here, but there are the other PBEMs that you have taken on to get your Pbem fix. I can wait.

                        But Aredhran is our other player. Does he care? He should be involved in a couple of more PBEMs himself.

                        Besides, three day weekend. Some people are going away. Let's not tie any more than we have to to their computers.

                        Mose is in Italy? What... 8 or 9 hours ahead of the east coast of the USA? BTW, Mose, what is your time adjustment from GMT?

                        And Lord Jimmy, Thanks for the confirmation on the bug. I was hoping I hadn't lost that many marbles at once. It takes so long to pick them back up again. And then you have to make sure you found them all...


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                        (Knight Errant Of Spam)


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                          Darn! I have to rewrite it all, thanks to a proxy/browser plot!

                          So, I took the turn for Flo this Morning.

                          My zone is CET (Central European Time) GMT +1, where most of europe is, while GMT is just London, Ireland & Portugal.
                          EST is GMT-5, so CET is EST +6.
                          Just add 6 hours and you get my time. BTW, you can check it all from Windows control panel, date&time.

                          I did some testing and it's all ok:
                          if YOU attacked worms in the previous turn, you get as well the battle report warning (you won x and lost y) but NOT the detailed messages in MFD.

                          CMN Ace
                          I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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                            You requested my opinion. I have 4 other PBEM games going on (not to mention single-player), so if you guys want to wait for Flo, that's fine with me.

                            And Erewhon is a "wait 5 minutes to load, click 3 times, save & send" for me anyway... Maybe I'll be more impatient in 20-30 game years.



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                              turn sent to Darkstar...