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    what a dumbass - tried to open the game in SMAC.
    I got like 3 PBEMs going.
    Opening SMAXpatch
    Opening No Cd Crack

    I need to observe which Mod is initially out of play.
    (Doc:Mob is the joker)

    Mod 1 is initially out of play.
    Choosing the first tech keeps mod 1 out of play.
    After that, each additional tech cycles the mod down by one.
    Beeline goes:
    CentEco (csmod 1)
    PlaNets (csmod 1)
    IndBase (csmod 0)
    IndEcon (csmod 2)
    IndAuto (csmod 1)
    Thing is...
    IndAuto is frickin' mod 1!
    I have to select -2- junk techs on the way to IndAuto!

    If instead:
    You don't assign any techs at the start,
    enter InfNets as Uni's first tech choice,
    then prompt me for my favourite tech:
    Centauri Ecology.
    The beeline goes:
    InfNets (free tech)
    CentEco (assigned by Googlie)

    With only 1 junk tech involved.

    Is this doable, or do I have to play on from the tech scrap heap like I am currently doing (and hope that I pop IB from a pod)?


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      Play it as it lies Enigma. I find it hard to believe you won't get to IndAuto first anyway. Just leverage your advantage...
      Play hangman.


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        ......... and with Believers and Spartans, Pirates and Angels roaming around, either Non-Linear Math for Impact Weapons or High Energy Chemistry for Plasma Armor might seem more prudent to beeline for than Ind Auto ............. crawlers just make easy morale-enhancing targets


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          You make a valid point.
          So what will I need...

          Planned is useful, so are probes, but not immediately.
          PlaNets: Priority B
          Formers needed ASAP
          CentEco: Priority A

          I'll also do a bit of defence.
          Since Morgan is a newbie, I can probably go military without risking being built out.
          Heh. Maybe if I get in the ocean fast enough, I can threaten him out of tech! > : )
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            If you see a bajillion and one reloads, that's me trying to avoid playing where it lies.
            I also have a shiny new Mk.1 Battle Ogre, 4 colony pods (from cloning), 100ECs and an Alien Artifact.
            Just Kidding...

            Edit: My F|_|><><()|2 mail server went down.
            There's the turn, attached.
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              I guess in light of E_N's 3 reloads, it might be appropriate to cite the generally accepted 'Poly PBEM rules (this thread has been archived - it used to be top-ed, but I dunno why it was removed)

              These are:

              Originally posted by Tau Ceti
              PBEM specific rules/restrictions on exploiting bugs
              (my (Googlie's) changes in italics):

              > Multiple reloading of the game to try for different effects is forbidden. If a reload is necessary because of a game crash etc., an explanation should be posted to the turn administration thread.

              > Multiple drops or orbital insertions using the right-click menu is forbidden. So is airdropping from outside a base/airbase, or after having moved (except on a magtube) using the same method. Using the 'i' key when you want an airdrop means you will automatically comply with these restrictions.

              > Inserting Stockpile Energy into the build queue after a military unit is forbidden (But is waived - ie, permitted - in this game.

              > If a player employs a tactic that causes a state of vendetta, they are not allowed to "accept" a pending diplomatic agreement with that faction in the same turn, causing a change in diplomatic status or the transfer of energy or knowledge.

              > If an aggressive probe action (anything except infiltration) is used on a faction you have a truce, treaty or pact with, you must select 'Declare Vendetta' in the dialog box that appears afterwards, and notify the victim of your transgression, unless you have received permission in advance. No notification is required in other cases.

              > Upgrading units with the design workshop is allowed at end of turn only. However, supply crawlers upgraded in this fashion can still be used to advance Secret Projects or prototypes in the same turn.

              > Communications only allowed between factions that have obtained each others' commlink frequencies in-game.

              > Social engineering choice limited to one switch per line per turn. (no flip-flop within turn!)

              > Psi units cannot be assigned multiple point patrol routes (avoid instant demon boil bug!)

              > Whenever the planetary council is called, the caller (or the first player to vote if the AI calls it) should post a notification to the thread, including vote totals (if applicable) and who has already voted for what. The other players should post how they vote.

              > Each game is initiated by a CMN who is not participating in that particular game. ( I - Googlie - am the CMN for this game) The CMN assigns a unique password to each player, emails it to them and sends out the first turn to the first player. If a player is away/offline/unable to play for over 48 hours, he/she must notify the CMN and the other players of the game about this and request the game to be postponed for a fixed time period. Otherwise, if a player does not respond to the game turn within 48 hours (without prior notification and postponing of the game), then the CMN can enter the game in place of the player, and play the turn by hitting "Turn Complete" without moving any units or entering anything into the Build Queue.

              > No base trading with the AI. Extortion is allowed.
              Now I accept that there was no discussion pre-game re rules to be in place, but these are pretty much standard for all PBEMs spanning the three or four forums that support multiplayer. Are they acceptable to all?

              (If the reason for a rule is unclear, just ask and I'll respond to the best of my ability)



              PS: the 1 download - to date - of AndiD's turn is mine - was just checking that the game opened OK


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                Is pod booming bases allowed?

                Also, can you start a new thread for this game please Googlie? It's nice to have everyone's emails etc in one place. It's that much easier to read etc.
                Play hangman.


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                  Have done. Go here

                  (And I added the usual wording re base pod-booming - allowed so long as your pop-control facilities can handle it)

                  Oh - and E_N - you might want to post AndiD's turn again at the new thread, as he may not think to look here when he sees it.