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how about an ICR channel?

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  • how about an ICR channel?

    I see a lot of posts on the forum here and thought. Why not set up an ICR chanell and have that be a good meeting place for anyone looking for a game. Probably be able to find 1 or 2 willing to play any time and the rest could be filled with AI. Is this a good idea?

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    an IRC channell would work even better *grin*


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      The ironic thing being that in the time it took to make your second post, you could have edited your first post to say IRC...
      Play hangman.


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        Only works for those who can enter the 'Poly chat channel
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          As I understand you want to start a TCP/IP game.

          There already is a Poly IRC chat channel, but the players who want to start TCP/IP more often contact each other through ICQ as not all of us can access that IRC or Java chat.
          I have tried it myself,but something always goes wrong..

          So if youre looking for TCP/IP do these 3 steps:
          1.Search for thread named "TCP/IP Game" and post your playtime, GMT and possibly other prefs there.
          2.Go to and search for TCP/IP player ICQ contact list.
          *List contains many inactive players, If you want contact me on ICQ and Ill give you list of active ones.
          Dunno how to attach it to your ICQ?
          Contact me on ICQ or other way!
          3.When you see any other TCP/IPer on ICQ, just send him a message that you want to play.

          As the time goes you will have ever increasing number of mates and you wont have to search for a game so hard.
          Just try not to upset them and dont mind losing!

          My ICQ# 339500616
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