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  • To those in games with dacole

    Hey guys for some reason outlook is acting up. I haven't recieved turns for almost a week now and I know people have been sending them...What I think is happening is that the campus security is blocking .zip files. To get around this if you have sent a turn to me in the past week or so could you send it to me again but not zip it this time?

    Also send it to one of these should work. Sorry for the delay in my games!

    Daniel Cole
    A university faculty is 500 egoists with a common parking problem

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        Thanks enigma, interesting tagline... Unfortunantly there isn't any other system that is better and supports innovation as much. You have to look at the number of unhappy people as well as other (really more important) measures such as GDP, amounts of freedom, and amounts of innovation before judeing a system.
        A university faculty is 500 egoists with a common parking problem


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          I'm nitpicking the ACDG's political system with that sig.
          In my case, innovation == freedom of ideas == happiness, and the closest thing to a GDP is the quality of the turns played.

          The way I figure it:
          You need 4 'castes' of people:
          The Emotives
          The Delegatives
          The Strategists
          The Diplomats
          With possibility of more being invented, or having people as multiskilled.

          It's the Emotives task to ensure everybody in the team is happy.
          The presumption is that a happy team is a productive team, and that we join the ACDG for our own enjoyment.
          They can do this by offering appropriate job positions.
          The Delegatives judge others' abilities to perform their tasks.
          The Strategists play the turns
          The Diplomats manage inter-factional relations

          The Delegatives have 'scores' of people in each area (0.00 to 1.00). In a conflict of opinion, the opinion with the most score behind it is implemented.

          I invented this as an improvement to Democracy.
          People have different interests and different skills;
          democracy presumes all men are equal.
          Emotives ensure everybody is happy,
          not just the 51% that are agreeing at any point in time.

          The charter for such a system would be:
          To ensure all members are both happy and productive.
          To base the sytem on the desires of its people, not vice-versa.
          To lead its team to win the third ACDG


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