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  • Tutorial 1 (sign-up)

    "Open-book PBEM"
    This PBEM serves as a tutorial game.

    All passwords are public knowledge
    Please write down decisions made in-game, and reasoning behind them. (This can be done in the turn thread)
    All diplomatic deals are open-knowledge, too.
    Reload-causing activities are out
    After playing your own faction's turn, you must post the turn without tampering with your opponent's own faction.
    Lying and/or Backstabbing in diplomacy is fair game.

    You are intended to use the new information made available to you.
    From a past turn (i.e. no reload error) you can look ahead and see what effects your actions will take
    The map is the Standard SMAlphaCentauri Map of Planet

    From there on, specify your own rules.

    Turn order:
    Backwards 'round the clock
    GMT+12, GMT+11, ... GMT-11.
    First come, first serve.

    On that note, I'll take the Uni.