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Replacements needed in 2 PBEM games...

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  • Replacements needed in 2 PBEM games...

    The one is near ending and the faction that needs a replacement has no chances to win unless of cource the three others that are ahead destroy each other
    It is recommended for new players to get a chance to see how a PBEM in advanced stage looks like.

    The second one is in turn 139 but it has lot of play left.

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    First one, what year and faction is it?
    How many play turns left (estimated)?
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      i will play


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        Sorry for the delayed response but I somehow forgot about this thread

        GeoModder, it is in turn 2296. I think 20-30 turns left. Maybe a little less or more depending on how things will turn.

        ChairmanSlick, thanks for joinning

        I will need your email in order to send you turns so you better email me at (replace -at- with @) so I respond faster this time


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          Hey the email addy you gave doesn't seem to work sent you a reply through your website and the site mail system. Would be interested if space is still open!

          especially in the early one with a good bit of playing time left!

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            Damn, it is (replace -at- with @).
            I mispelled "c" with "k". Sorry about that.