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What exactly is an energy park?

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    The important thing to remember when trying to increase your clean mineral limit is to get it over with _before you build any tree farms_. This makes each tree farm you build thereafter increase your clean minerals by one (as well as every Centauri Preserve, Hybrid Forest and Temble of Planet). It sounds as though you were trying to raise your clean minerals by continually forcing pops. While this can be a good plan, you need to ensure that you have lots of commando/elite empath units (rovers/hovertanks, please, air units can only pop fungus one at a time) there to clean up the vast amounts of worms you'll have at the base. In addition, don't rely on the squares inside the base radius to provide your minerals, ferry them in from mines build elsewhere (I like to plant mine in the polar region. People rarely go scouting up there, and there's plenty of rocky terrain).

    As you've discovered, every successive fungal bloom is accompanied with a larger and larger 'pruning force' of native units, so this tactic will require a great deal of military commitment to make a go of it for long, however the income from all those planetpearls will make you rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

    If you can't stand the heat of making your 'Judas Goat' base, consider simply tasking an idle base with the repeated production and scrapping of a centauri preserve. Each one built will provide 1 more clean mineral, and scrapping it will garner you 50 EC's. While not as profitable as a worm-farm, it's certainly much safer, and also will prevent any chance of global warming.


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      (I like to plant mine in the polar region. People rarely go scouting up there, and there's plenty of rocky terrain).
      I did this against the AI ages ago and it became so unbelievably easy i promised myself never to do it again ... also the annoyance when global warming started later and around 10 bases had their mineral incomes halved
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