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    self-destruct was discussed in detail at CGN . It is such a powerful tactic when facing a large stack of attackers.
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      Originally posted by Ogie Oglethorpe
      An add and/or clarification to Mario's points. Fusion Laser fusion reactor unit self destructs are enoughto destroy all adjacent fission units and ALL NATIVES as well as Native life is considered fission reactor. What this means is that if you have a significant fungal bloom from excessive mineral production and are about to be worm raped. A simple fusion laser (or better) fusion reactor (or better) needlejet, drop unit, chopper ,etc. can be rushed to the scene and detonated to prevent worm rape of your base.
      That's great.

      Has life stage been factored in, i.e., would this self-destruction kill off demon boils as well?


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        Thanks Ogie

        Diva, life-stage for natives (as well as morale for conventionals) influences the strength, not the health (or "constitution" ) of a unit.
        That is, it's a modifier factored when you determine your unit attack/defense strength (determining in turn the % chance to inflict/parry 1 HP in each single combat blow).
        But it has no influence on the unit HitPoints: a Fission or Native unit will always have 10 HP when 100% healthy, regardless of eventually being Elite/Demon.

        As I said, self-destruct damage is directly subtracted form the victim's HP, without any modifier or influence (no morale, armor, abilities, terrain...), without any possbilitly of countering it in any way (except by having "more life" i.e. higher Reactor).

        In this regard, against a kamikaze, a humble Fusion Patrol (1-1-1*2) has twice the resistance of the best Fission unit you could possibily imagine (20HP vs 10HP)
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          "No need to thank us Madame. It's just another day in the life of The Humble Fusion Patrol."
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            Man, I wish I knew this before I wrote Joe. As it is, I think a Chaos Fusion needlejet would do enough damage but all the same it's better to know ahead of time.
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