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  • cpu not supported..planetary

    Hey folks.....long time lurker here in need of a bit of help. I saw folks having problems with the regular AC game on XP but was wondering if anyone had fixed the problem using the planetay pack..I am using that and needed a fix after playing the new Master of Orion 3 and being a tad bit let down...anyway I went to play it and got the ole message that my cpu was not supported and the game may crash on my new 1.8 computer with XP. Which it promptly did. I saw the previous posts to change the alpha centauri ini file but did not find it on this game and the patch did not work either, probably cause it is made just for the Alpha Centauri anyway....does anyone have a fix they know of or am I stuck playing this on my old computer with the small screen, well unless I get unlazy and change the screens.....thanks for any help....Mark

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    "Alpha Centauri.ini" should be in the same folder as terranx.exe, i.e. your default Alpha Centauri folder. Normally, "C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri".

    It needs to have the following line in it. If it's missing, then add it.

    I think.
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      Hey Static23...first off thanks for the help....I did find the file but it is just listed as Alpha Centauri without .ini. Most of my other files have extention names but this one did not...guess it does not matter. It opens with notepad Now I did find the line you referred to under prerences but it ends in =0 instead of =1. So do I get rid of the old line, leave it in and type the new line in under or above the new line. Just want to make sure I get it right when I try. I have my doubts this will work since this disc contains both AC and Alien Crossfire on the same one. But I'm all game....well I hope
      Anyway thanks again for the help, once I figure out where to put it I'll post weather it works to help anyone else who might have the planetary pack.......take it easy....Mark


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        Just replace the 0 with a 1, then save.

        The alphacentauri.ini file is used with both SMAC and SMAX; the one change should enable the operation of both games.


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 that game fired right up after replacing the number. Kind of like magic........ok maybe not...but it was cool and I am soooooooooooo happy to have my game back. That was getting a bit scary Thanks to both Static23 and Mongoose for the help. I really appreciate both of your its off to the Stars....I got some alien bootie to go kick....thanks again......Mark