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Turn crashes on 3 different machines!!

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  • Turn crashes on 3 different machines!!

    I participate in a 4-way multiplayer game that has been going on for maybe 14-16 months. The year 2403 is crashing right out of the gate and cannot be convinced to do otherwise. It crashes on three different machines, different OSs, the works. It is noted as a protection fault in terran.exe and is centered on these modules:

    EAX=04f39bd4 CS=0137 EIP=0056f5cd EFLGS=00010212
    EBX=00000008 SS=013f ESP=00bf5304 EBP=00bf5430
    ECX=00000003 DS=013f ESI=00000003 FS=0d07
    EDX=0094c944 ES=013f EDI=00000009 GS=0000

    This game has been going with two dads and two sons through quite a bit- my kid has put on a couple of inches and moved on to middle school in the course of it. We'd hate to lose it now! Any help will be very much appreciated.

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    Is an interceptor attempting to scramble when the game crashes?
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      I don't know what those numbers mean but I can recall one occasion where a zip file was corrupted somehow and just would not work. I believe our low-tech solution was to have the prior player replay their turn ( a pain in 2400's) and then try it again.

      If its not the machine, ( as evidenced by 3 machines having the same problem) then look to the file.

      Also 2403, wow . . . I have never had a pbem get that far without either someone transcending or players resigning
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        Your yr2400 time slot sounds famillyar, suggest you check up much dicussion in the Winxp issues thread for some thoughts on getting past this "Gap" as I call it.
        You might try backing up to your last save and getting rid of as much auto action as you can including long build lists as has also been suggested.
        Citing those module numbers, your much more into programming than an old guy like me, could there possible be some kind of list "limit" deep in the program??
        Best of Luck.
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          I was never able to complete a game of smacx because of the interceptor bug. Then, my sound card broke, and I shut down all sound options. No more crashes, and I was able to complete all smacx games I played. This was on a w98 system. I now play on a wxp system with no problems whatsoever.

          However, when I play smacx, the game resets my monitors resolution from 75 to 60. I have to reset it manually. Is there a way to keep the resolution at 75?



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            Darius: I don't think so, I'll check with the other players.

            Flubber- We replayed the last three years, no dice. A year and a half at one AC game is indeed kind of nuts. All four surviving factions interact very peacefully for the most part and Planet is well developed.

            Kajak- Thanks, one of the machines is probably XP or ME (mine runs 95), so I'll check there for potential insight.

            Thanks again all, very much.