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Cede Base Control to Another Player?

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    another can of worms, ack ack


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      Terran.exe for both v4 and SMAX Classic has the same date stamp and size.

      We do need to find out if we are having different maintenance costs across platforms.


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        The Smac executable is the same as the smac classic executable.

        They are identical - there is just an initial screen in smacx that lets you choose between terran.exe & terranx.exe. (The smac & smacx executables).

        There have been several reports that bugs that were fixed only in the smacx v2 patch (eg. inability to pop boom with golden age & multiple airdrops) were fixed in the mac version of smac.

        My guess is that the game engine patches that were done in smacx version2 - were part of the code sent to the companies doing the platform ports and as it to them was a new product they took it seriously and applied them.

        It would have been very easy for firaxis to apply the same fixes to smac as were applied to smacx but they just did not bother. They actually patched in the copy protection (CD requirement) and skipped the game patches.

        Or maybe EA decided to do so. (From what I understand - Firaxis sends the code to the publisher who compiles it - including copy protection at compilation).

        There was an earlier thread on it where there was a bit of joking about if you play Morgan you need a Mac etc.


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          Re: not so sure...

          Originally posted by AnnC
          I think they are different. We all know about the bug in SMAC, vers 4, where base-facility maintenance fees are not properly deducted when you play at Thinker and Transcend levels.

          As I recall, this bug is fixed in SMAX classic mode. I'm not sure how this affects PBEM games though. Has anybody looked into this?
          Ann, it's incredible how memories fade over time, ain't it?
          This, or I should consider your "naiveté" almost provocatory (provocatvive? sp? in short, a provocation)

          I didn't let pass the occasion hundred times I posted it with details over at ACOL, that my main reason for anger (yes, ANGER) and for my despise (yes, DESPISE) towards Firaxis, is exactly that despite they had written the code to fix many bugs present in SMAC, not only they didn't bother to distrubute that fix in a patch compatible with terran.exe in addition to terranx.exe, but also they commercialized in a bundle the new SMAX embedding the SMAC fixes and SMAC *without* the fixes they HAD written the code for!!!! (borrow machine-gun smiley from other forums)

          As buster more calmly said, the terrran.exe you find in SMAX is the v4 patch for SMAC. You don't even find SMAC inside SMAX, you had to have it already, with the exception of the Planetary Pack edition, IIRC.

          Only imagining that terran.exe includes ANY of the fixes introduced in SMAX, it's self-illusionary (sp?). More, I'd say it's voluntarily ignoring and forgetting tons of detailed and proved information read in *every forum* since SMAX got out.
          SMAC is a DEAD game for Firaxis. They will not shell a dime of their sweat for it anymore, why should they? Any Classic SMAC you'll find anywhere can't be more advanced than SMACv4, and CAN'T BE DIFFERENT.
          Correction: of course I am talking of PC platform, not considering Mac and Linux/Unix, for which I have no title of talking about.
          I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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            Originally posted by jimmytrick I am playing SMAX Classic SMAC, and MoSe may be playing his turns in SMAC v4.
            Then we're usuing the same identical game JT, don't worry and don't you let be influenced by ladies with lable memory, trust Mongoose & buster.

            You shold beware tho to players who are using Mac or Linux, as I pointed out in a thread at ACOL which in turn linked back to info I got here in Apolyton.
            I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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              Phew. I'd have looked a right idiot had I been wrong.
              We're back!


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                Have I such powers?
                I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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                  Depends whether you resign, I s'pose
                  We're back!


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                    MoSe, thanks for clarifying. I don't have SMAX installed on my computer (just SMAC) so I didn't have a way to check executables myself.
                    ACOL owner/administrator