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    Last night (actually last couple of evenings at home...I do have a life, after all, so I can't play 10 hours straight) I was playing Domai, on a huge map, at Librarian difficulty.

    Somehow, even though I found out I was on the same big continent with Morgan, he didn't find me or bother me for about 150 years, and neither did anyone else. By that time, I was so expanded that I knew I would eventually win. I was running Dem-Market-Wealth, so I was raking in cash hand over fist.

    Then Miriam shows up. She's such a wonderfully nice lady. I was nice to her until I had about 15 probe skimships and a buncha cash. (I'd checked her SE, and she hadn't gone Fundy yet, for some reason) Then I took the war to her, while I kept expanding. I Mind Controlled about 5 of her coastal cities and thumbed my nose at her. She had Impact weapons, I had Probability armor with good morale, so she was just screwed.

    I didn't build up her bases greatly, which was part of the strategy. As long as I was on *her* continent, she wasn't going to invade mine, it seems. So, after I took a couple of inland cities by upgrading her Impact stuff to Shard troops and using them (I'd usually capture about 3 or 4 troops with the cities, and then bring in a couple choppers), she pledged Blood Truce. I had randomed the game, and strangely enough, Marr was in the game, but not H'minee. I had fun with him.

    Since when fighting aliens, atrocities other than PBs don't count, I used Nerve Gas on him, and then took Probes and used Genetic Atrocity. I did that to all his coastal cities, then Mind Controlled and obliterated all but the HQ, which of course I couldn't mind control. After doing that to all his coastal cities but one, I started taking over any troops on the coast and upgrading them. Then I took his headquarters, built choppers and drop Shard troops and took the rest while Marr grumbled about atrocities, but none of the humans cared.

    Meanwhile I'm still expanding and teching and all that. I had 5 of Miriam's coastal cities and one interior one, and one water base of hers. Three times she threatened war if I didn't give one of her cities back. That was part of the strategy. I had 6 or 7 to give back, one at a time, for peace. By the time she had asked for and gotten 3 of them back, I was done, and Transcending(with Domai!). All in all, it was fun tweaking her nose that way after all the trouble she's caused me.

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    Marr was in the game, but not H'minee.

    FYI, it's still possible for this to happen even with the latest patch if you use the Start New Game option from within an already started game.


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      Fun with Miriam

      Seizing opportunities and imagining the other leader's surprise, is one of the reasons why this game can be so much fun.

      I remember a game on a huge where I had not met Miriam until, during a solar flare period, one of my probe foils bumped into Fisher of Men in the same turn, in which Miriam held her big air show in that base: 14 impact penetrators - she must have stolen Air Power before researching Synthetic Fossil Fuels. I could not believe my luck when I found out that she had not switched to Fundamentalism.
      Although I was playing Morgan, it took almost all of money to bribe the base and I even had to scrap some facilities to upgrade Miriam's air force to something decent. Then, the planes were in perfect striking distance to empty Miriam's bases and allow Santiago to do the dirty work. She was gone before the solar flares ended.



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        One of my favourite tactics is to stay neutral on some continent and stay out of everyones business and usually falling behind (exept when I play Morgan) and when I have the tech I build a bunch of planet busters and conquer the world.
        Imagine the leaders faces when they see that the silent guy on the island is suddenly carrying planet busters! HAHA
        Get off my land you peacekeeping son of a....-Morgan Entertainment