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What is your best score in SMACX?

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  • What is your best score in SMACX?

    I need to know other people's score to realize the whereabout of my level.

    My best score so far was 297%.
    Vitaly Belman
    ICQ: 1912453

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    My best is a 318%, difficulty: Talent Victory: Trancendence Faction: Morgan
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      615% playing Zak. Difficulty level Transcend, Ironman, abundant life forms.


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        Just to fill my game details: 297% with Roze the Datajack on the Transcend level.

        P.S Who is Zak and what is Ironman?
        Vitaly Belman
        ICQ: 1912453


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          Originally posted by VitalyB
          Who is Zak and what is Ironman?
          Sorry - Zak is Provost Zhakarov. Ironman is one of the options you can choose during the setup of the game: it restricts saves to exiting only.


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            Hey, good you told me about it =), I planned to try to play without save/load rescue for some time but my will couldn't stand in the way when in the begining of a the game random two conlony pod were caught in a worm ambush.

            Hopefully Ironman will help me in this problem =).
            Vitaly Belman
            ICQ: 1912453


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              400something% as pirates


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                High 200 or low 300 (I'll have to check when I get home) playing Zak.

                This could be a lot higher, though, but I get so insanely bored when the game nears the end, that I can't be bothered to try all those hot plans that I have. Like, as an example, to go hog-wild with colony pods after getting cloning vats. With 20+ of each satelite type, a base should grow every round even with no terraforming. Start building some formers after getting hap-complex and - dome and the population should sky rocket. As far as I can see, there should be no problems with covering the oceans with huge bases.
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                  Highest scores;
                  714% (Hive), Thinker level, ironman, hugh random map
                  709% (University), Transcend level, ironman, hugh random map

                  Fastest Transcend on Hugh random map;
                  2315 M.Y. (University), Transcend level, ironman
                  (I can't seem to crack the 2300 M.Y. barrier on hugh maps! I play builder style (as many do), with a high energy focus... some day.)

                  And here's possibly a strange one...
                  highest energy credits/turn;
                  15,500/turn (Hive), Transcend level, ironman, hugh map*

                  * I know a good Morgan player can surpass this. I just thought it was interesting with the Hive and all...

                  As you can tell I prefer the University and the Hive. I've played most of the other fourteen factions at one time or another, but I always come back to these two factions.



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                    Somewhere above 300 %, by Transcendence, on Thinker (or was it Transcend) with the Cyborgs. And it was either the Huge Map of Planet or huge map with dense atmosphere, 50-70 percent land masses and the highest level of alien life forms possible (that adds a quarter to your score, make sure to pick it).
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                      About 200-something percent. It would have been higher but I always choose rare life forms because I find them so repellent.
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